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    Just a note about "week in hand". Sometimes people who are paid weekly think they have this week hanging about and will be paid 2 weeks when they leave. Unless you worked 2 weeks without pay when you started then the normal way for weekly pay to be made is: 1st week - worked 2nd week - paid for 1st week 3rd week - paid for 2nd week and so on. therefore when you leave you will be paid for your last week the week after.
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    There may be some logic in providing an explanation to the judge that the charges are inherently demanded within each and every statement of account for something in the region of 20 years post transaction due to the manner in which the business allocates payments. I had a similar (ish) problem a couple of months ago and fortunately the DJ took the common sense approach that it did not seem sensible to allow a high street bank to rely on the LA as a defence but brought numerous claims for accounts which it knew contained historical charges, each of which could/would be barred in their own right if not contained within a future inflated demand.
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    When contacting the Court you may have to be firm. You need to speak to either the Court Manager or Fines Officer. Also have a read of this thread as it probably applies to you http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?427347-Magistrate-Courts-ignoring-requests-from-debtors-to-have-fines-reconsidered-in-cases-of-financial-difficulties.%284-Viewing%29-nbsp
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    Bailiffs rely on intimidation to scare people into doing what they want. IF they didnt scare you, then everyone would simply laugh at them.
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    Hi try not to worry, now have you any idea if you owe anything to anyone, is your council tax OK, have you applied fior and have the single persons discount? It is possible Marstons have done a faulty trace and come up with you., but if you phone them try to record the call. Other Caggers will be along soon
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    Firstly they are simply relying on your lack of knowledge to buckle and fall for their lies and con tricks. What floor are you on? They cannot force entry, regardless of what they claim to be able to do. Is it addressed to you personally? Have you recently moved in? It could very very easily be for another resident, do you have any debt you know of? Have you checked your credit file recently? Noddle is free, or for £2 you can get a hard copy from experian which will be accurate.
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    Hello Lin62, I see you made it.. I will try and find someone who can help you.
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    The OP noted (presumably ' not' is a typo for 'now') : "One of them has not gone faulty with a common issue where they stop charging and become unusable." If it is a common issue, the OP can collate evidence to show this, allowing a court to conclude (on balance of probabilities) that it is an inherent fault present at time of manufacture.
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    The following link from Citizens Advice will help. http://www.adviceguide.org.uk/england/debt_e/debt_action_your_creditor_can_take_e/bailiffs_e/complaining_about_bailiffs_e/bailiffs_and_vulnerable_people_e.htm The council cannot refuse payment and there is no law requiring your friend to deal with Rossendales. What she needs to do is write a letter to the council about her current position (vulnerability and financial position) and to ask for their help. She should advise that she will not deal with Rossendales and can offer payment to the council at £x per month. She can use the councils online payment system to make payments. Rossendales will continue to act, until the council tell them not to. So an urgent letter by recorded delivery to the council is required. There is no template letter available, so you will need to draft something.
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    You have totally the wrong attitude, uncooperative, non-conforming and confrontational. You are totally opposed and unwilling to cower like a beaten cur before the authority of your self appointed betters. Do I not like that?
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    They'd have to alter the claim, and after all this time would be hard pressed to pursue the claim, particularly as you've been making payments.
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