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    I fear that if you imagine that RLP might act in a rational or professional way, you will be waiting an awfully long time. We have seen that letter before - or at least bits of it. I suspect that Jackie is a proficient cut n' paste artiste, especially where grandiose-sounding legal terms are concerned. I wonder if the 'undisputed claims for damages' bit is an attempt to justify DCAs trying to collect non-existent debts, in breach of their licences? It strikes me that not making contact (or sending the one-liner denial of liability letter), annoys Jackie almost as much as not paying her speculative invoices. Which is nice.
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    There is a vodafone rep on here who is very helpful and helped me resolve a matter. Someone will hopefully come along with instructions. Are freds acting on behalf of vodafone or has the debt been sold? If vodafone are still involved, first step would be to get them to ask freds/carter (same organisation btw) to hold off whilst this is investigated by lee (voda rep). Don't suppose you have proof of cancellation do you? Most mobile contracts automatically roll one the contract period is up unless cancelled for which one needs to give notice.
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    First step is to CCA them. Capquest rarely have the full paperwork needed to enforce any judgement. Since yours is a Credit card debt, it is probably full of penalty charges which is why crapquest have been happy to keep you paying for 6 years.
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    Have you got any charges on the debts you have paid off or on the ones you still have if so you need to claim them back,also check for ppi.
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    It's hard to tell how long, but if you're specific about the amount of time you need, say ask for a rescheduling for a month later in order to allow for the dr to respond to the SAR, then this might mean a sooner date than an open ended postponement - but it really depends on how far ahead they're booking the hearings. If you turn up at the hearing without medical evidence, then there is a far lesser chance of success. There is also the possibility of the hearing being adjourned so the judge can request the medical records themselves, which means a longer delay and more stress. In my experience, it is better to have a delay and go better prepared, than go ahead with an earlier date and fail due to no medical evidence to back up the appellant's evidence. But in the end, it's your friend's choice.
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    You've done well getting it all done. Fingers crossed.
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    Hello again, you seem to be making good progress with this. You were lucky to see the right person at the CAB, some people here wait ages. If you haven't already, you might want to thank Estellyn by adding to her reputation points. Click on the star on the bottom left of one of her posts and leave a short message. Please continue to keep us posted. HB
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