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    Amazing story !! http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-glasgow-west-20805966
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    Hi As 'Conniff' says, the parent company for BOTH Wickes AND Toolstation is Travis perkins. Unfortunately, I can't yet post links either BUT: If you go to the Travis Perkins website, (http://travisperkins.co.uk) and put the product code below in the 'search box', You will see that THEY market this item as: 'Iflo Bilbao Monobloc'... Product Code 659495. Given that TP have only ONE version of this tap, AND that they supply BOTH companies. Then I think that Wickes would have a hard time showing a difference (:rant:Other than the scandalous price difference, of course ) Again, as Conniff says, email TP's CEO. It would be useful if, when you do, you include all three page links which show the CLEARLY IDENTICAL item on ALL THREE! Good Luck
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    Yes CB I think a letter like that could help, I'll draft one if theOP would like it.
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    The registered Kepler at the time of the ticket is normally held responsible for any tickets gained by the car. Fom what you say there is no evidence that sue is the owner of the car. The current registered keeper of the car would need to apply for. Release of attachment for the car at the issuing court. Regarding SO visits, you need to put it in writing to them that Tom is no longer at the address, a copy of the current council tax demand would help as evidence. But until boh of the above is completed the SO are entitled to attend your address and are acting accordingly. I will also ask CD to look in as a second opinion Ida x
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