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  1. I can't answer this question definitively, so please take this answer with a grain of salt. However, if I were a DWP DM, or a welfare adviser working with a claimant I'd see it this way: The one month limit applies starting from the date of the change of circumstances which gave rise to the possible SDP award, or the date the claimant notified the department of the change if that date is later. In your case, the change is your award of DLA MRC, so you could not seek backdating for more than one month before the date you informed the DWP of this award. But the current problems are not of your making. You did inform them and request the correct form, and since a) the DWP won't make the award without the form; b) You informed them in good time and asked for the form; and c) they haven't sent it to you then I'd say you have a case for backdating at least to the date you originally told them about it. The computer system might not be happy, and this is something I kinda mentioned earlier - the fact that an IS10 has been issued is something that should be specifically recorded in the system, and probably something that the regular contact centre staff can't do. It's supposed to be recorded in order to avoid problems like the one you're now experiencing. Anyhow, as I said, don't take this as Gospel - I haven't worked there in a while now. But my feeling is you should be OK to backdate for a couple of months at least.
  2. Well, I had a spare hour this afternoon and have done some more digging. Basic company details for c: Registered no: 01518632 Registered office: 201 Great Portland Street London W1N 5HA Incorporated: 24 Sep 1980 Status : LIVE Previous names: 11/07/1990 M.A.A. PENSION PLAN TRUSTEES LIMITED/MOTOR INDUSTRY PENSION PLAN TRUSTEES LIMITED However, another site shows me that the scheme for the garage I am looking for transferred to PPF - which I guess means that you may be entitled to some compensation. http://www.pensionprotectionfund.org.uk/TransferredSchemes/Pages/AllTransferredSchemes.aspx I'm going to drop them a line to find out
  3. Depends upon what your primary objective is. If its protecting your property assets then frankly you are going to need to pay off your debts. A couple of options spring to mine - a debt management plan administered either by yourself or one of the debt charities (never use a fee paying one) or an IVA. A DMP is an informal agreement and as such there is no guarantee that your creditors will freeze interest - but it worked for me. I paid off £93k worth of unsecured debt, but I was able to do so in less than 5 years which I think helped persuade my creditors to be co-operative. You mention 25 years - presumably tongue in cheek, but perhaps with more than a few grains of truth in it. If so then a DMP may not be right for you. IVA - a formal arrangement with your creditors who would have to vote to accept it. With mortgages extraordinarily difficult to obtain these days for even those with perfect credit histories, your property could be secure by the IVA extending for 6 years as opposed to 5 with a re-mortgage in year 4 releasing equity to pay your creditors. You could do a lot worse than calling one of the debt charities - Stepchange http://www.stepchange.org, Payplan http://www.payplan.com/ (this one is funded by the finance industry) or National Debt Line http://www.nationaldebtline.co.uk/ All of them have very informative websites and will give you good unbiased advice pertinent to your exact circumstances. A long shot might be negotiating full and final settlements with your creditors, some of them might be persuaded; but you'd need fighting funds and your creditors will already know that you have equity in your property (they check the Land Registry and match it to your credit reference data) which wouldn't put them into a co-operative frame of mind. Some of folks posting here have used this to great effect but be warned your creditors can turn CCJ's into charging orders quite easily so this approach tends to be best for those with no assets. If on the other hand your primary objective is to become debt free in the shortest possible time, then bankruptcy would do that. With regard to your credit reference - forget it, it is already shot to bits and will be for 6 years at least, you should not consider this in figuring how to deal with your debts. And finally make sure that you have claimed all PPI charges and wrongful penalty charges, if you haven't doen so already.
  4. Hi. 1.No debts/accounts do not have to shown on CRA files. 2.Barclays placed the default if Lowell have bought the account you need to contact their data contoller by recorded delivery, there is no particular 'strategy'' for getting defaults removed each cas is different, so you need to give us more detail as to why you contest the dafault. 3. You need also to tell Lowell that the ''type'' of account is wrong.77 You should be aware getting defaults removed or even marked as satisfied it a very difficult and often long process.
  5. Speed Credit are known for making mulitple requests for payments from bank accounts. You really need to get in touch with your bank and demand they do not permit any unauthorised withdrawals.
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