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  1. They get hundreds of pounds, extorting hundreds of pounds out of vulnerable people who unfortunately are that scared they pay up and then do not know the process of challenging them They certainly do not make millions in turnover by sticking to charging what they are allowed by law, but unless the government gets a grips and realised ow serious this is and stop been blinded by the waffle these companies come out with people will unfairly carry on suffering. Cant believe this guys even started this post in here, who gives a flying toss about his business or costs. They all fall under
  2. In order to dismiss you fairly, there would have to be a legitimate reason to do so, and in your case you would have the necessary 12 months service to seek an Unfair Dismissal claim through an Employment Tribunal if that was not the case. For 'instant' dismissal, this would have to amount to an act of Gross Misconduct, otherwise you would have to have been subject to a warning for a first offence for lesser misdemeanours. If they also failed to abide by the ACAS Disciplinary Code (in short, written notification of a hearing, the right to be accompanied, written reasons for dismissal and
  3. What your Landlord is doing in the UK by opening mail addressed to another individual where he does not have written authority to do so is totally illegal. As the Solicitor complaining to the British Embassy, please ignore this, it is just pathetic childish threats, a UK Solicitor that then has to specialize in foreign law costs £500 an hour plus, can't see your Landlord splashing out on that???? You need to ignore this individual and continue on with your life, please contact the Police here in England via email, your Landlord is harassing you and also breaking the law by opening yo
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