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    'relations by marriage' can't inherit. some brief cab info: http://www.adviceguide.org.uk/england/relationships_e/relationships_death_and_wills_e/who_can_inherit_if_there_is_no_will___the_rules_of_intestacy.htm
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    Hi Hope somebody can help. I am with Swift Advance ,a second mortgage, so don't qualify for redress (What!!) If their charges are unfair they are unfair for any borrower. I am claiming charges fees etc back on this basis and FSA ruling. What I needed to know however is what exactly are Swift 1st ' charges so I can compare them to mine with Swift Advances. If I go to court then I want to show Judge the comparison etc SWIFT ADVANCES CHARGES Currently the Management Fee is £64.00 if in arrears - no charge if in repayment plan but previously: £23.00 per letter £12 per phone call £33 Direct Debit Bounce £70 Management/Arrears Fee £35 if in payment plan £75 Letter before action (Court) £250 Default 1st time £110 Default Charge 2nd time. Does this compare with what Swift 1st are charging. If anyone has answers or an post up list of charges etc I'd be very grateful Thanks
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