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  1. So you force their hand and they make you bankrupt or take all of your assets or force a sale of the house etc... Once the payment arrangement is defaulted on the entire remaining sum becomes due in full and is enforceable. I'm sorry but the advice being given above is terrible advice, if you want to play games with the judgment creditor then do so with your own debts; don't advise a stranger to take such a stupid and unnecessary risk with their life. To correct another piece of inaccurate advice, there is no limitation on a charging order application.
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  2. Hi The attachment is too small to read. Use this method by dx100uk scan the required letters/agreements/sheets as a picture[jpg] file or convert them to .PDF ENSURE:remove all pers info inc barcodes etc using paint program but leave all figures and dates. goto one of the many free online pdf converter websites it would be better to upload a multipage pdf than many single ones or if you have PDF as an installed printer drive use that or use word and save as pdf open a new msg box here hit go advanced below the msg box hit manage attachments below th
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