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  1. OK - we need some more accurate info. A PCN will have a specific contravention, along with a contravention number. For example, 01 Parked in a Restircted Street. Can you tell us what the contravention was, and can you also tell us whether you were parked on double yellow lines, in a parking bay, etc.
  2. Hi ghost and kurv I think LP is on top of this. I tend to agree with ghost in that OFT guidance permits a doorstep to arrange a doorstep and my initial tactic with Resolve/snot/call was to answer the door and politely say Foxtrot Oscar or I will call the police; however contrariwise, I react quite strongly to doorstep threats hence if snotcall can be agents for a DCA acting as agents for an OC, then it’s logically consistent for my dog to be my agent. For the benefit of new readers: 1. There is nothing to fear from doorstoppers; the only thing to fear is fear itself 2. One needs to make clear that the scare tactic does not work; snotcall are on commission and the poor b*gger stepping is on payment by results only 3. One needs to hold the ‘owner’ of the alleged debt accountable and responsible for all this; and I like the EU Credit Directive 2010, that is underplayed by many; I have found that all DCAs, tame 75p solicitors for hire and doorsteppers back off sharply when challenged to produce a NOA as required by said Directive. (If I suspected an alleged debt had really been sold, I would deploy different tactics) 4. Then one reports the responsible CCLicence holder to OFT and makes a complaint to FOS and the ‘solicitor’ to SRA. There s little point advocating criminal law sanctions when PC plod views it as a ‘domestic’. Just my thoughts of course, but it works for me. love vic
  3. Hi I think I might be there. If you go to the link in No.1 in my signature and then to the last post you will see a spreadsheet called LoanAnalysis. Download it. You can use it to look at the balance of loan 1 at the settlement date. Eneter the total amount of the loan in the first box (cash + PPI) which is £6,109.60. term is 60 months and monthly repayment is £142.47. Look down the list for payment 7 and you'll see the balance on the loan at that point is £5,596.96. You settled it with an amount of £4,668.70 so I reckon there was a rebate of PPI which accounts for the £900 difference. So as both loans are now paid off, lets look at what you should get back....this is broadly speaking without putting into a spreadsheet but it comes very close to your offer. Loan 1 PPI premium £1,109.60 Loan 2 PPI Premium £3,189.36 Loan 1 PPI Bank Interest £442.60 Loan 2 PPI Bank Interest £1,204.61 Statutory Interest £1,535.44 (Sum G19.G106 on your spreadsheet - bear in mind the entry in G106 isn't right) Total of the above = £7,481.61 Then deduct the calculated rebate on PPI for loan 1 as discussed above of £928.96 and you get £6,552.65 which is £85.91 different to the amount they are offering. Pretty close I think so I reckon they are about right IF you had a rebate. You can always check that with the bank. Hope this helps Regards ims
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