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    http://www.experian.co.uk/consumer/statutory-report.html#statutory_order http://www.equifax.co.uk/Products/credit/statutory-report.html http://www.callcredit.co.uk/stat-report-online/
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    Made me chuckle when I read it I'll be on here tomorrow evening about the same time again so post up whatever you've got - you can always e-mail me a copy in case I get the chance to have a look earlier in the day. Gez
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    Could post a clear pic of the "prominently" displayed terms_and_conditions. It looks like there was a condition that you display a valid permit. If it was private land, basically, you are in a contract. Sorry to be blunt... There are a whole range of ways to deal with this. How far down the rabbit hole you want to go vs paying 90 quid is a decision only you can make. There are many "beat the ticket" websites out there. With lots of valuable information and end user experiences. But be warned, apply critical thinking to any advice given, a lot will be untested, and you will get resistance and threats at every turn. But that is actually a positive thing. The louder they scream at you, the more you are succeeding. Good luck, post any results back here please...
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    This is unbelievable. No way it can be put down to ‘admin error’. Have seen this before. They have to apply for judgment first. Silly thing is they know they received a CPR request. Deffo get that off to the OFT and Trading Standards, but most importantly write a strong letter of complaint addressed to the District Judge at Northampton CC. Enclose that letter and describe what has happened. He will have their testicles on a plate.
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    ok, letter already sent. if they do end up requiring a sig, then you could do one (with an obvious variation ) in a shaded box. if it later turns up elsewhere, then they would be in trouble! or, could try using one of those 'handwriting' fonts as a sig. or anything else? if not already, have a read of the dat prot act s7 and the ico website. ps, chase up the cca request once the 14 days are up.
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