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    Hi Fionap, The employer should issue the P45 as soon as possible after the employee has left whatever the method of their departure ( resignation, death, dismissal) Similarly, the payslip should be issued at or around the time you received the wages payment. I take it your wages are paid directly into your bank account. I would suggest you ring your tax office, explain that you have left your employment and the employer has not given you your P45; ask the tax office to issue a P43T to the employer (this form requests duplicate P45 details from the employer) I would then write to your ex employer (send letter by recorded delivery) and request your P45; inform them that you have contacted the tax office to advise them of non receipt of your P45. Let us know how you get on.
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    Sky don't cover business use at all. Don't mention this to them.
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    It's swings and roundabouts in terms of pros and cons. If you go with Payplan, they do much of the legwork for you, you pay one simple monthly payment which they distribute, they may, however, need chasing up about things like freezing interest and charges. If you go by yourself, Cash Flow will give your IE sheet the same level of credibility as a CFS from Payplan or any other DMP provider. The disadvantage is that you do everything yourself; however, a huge advantage is that you retain total control over your money and who gets what. This means that if one creditor decides to play awkward, you can apply a certain amount of direct leverage on them to change their minds. If they don't, you keep a record of your reasonable offers which have been refused and make token payments as a goodwill gesture. It really depends how much control you want. Before Cash Flow came in I'd have said get things accepted by a known name, then after say 6 months, look to manage things yourself. However, Cash Flow has changed the picture here quite dramatically meaning your IE sheet can carry as much weight as one from an organisation like Payplan. All we can do is point out the advantages and disadvantages of each, but ultimately, it has to be your decision.
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    If it was ok for another person to use your season ticket there would be no requirement to have a photocard. The TOC will probably prosecute both yourself & your wife for fare evasion, the only thing you can do is ask them to settle out of court using one of OldCodja's templates. You will not get the season ticket back, they may give you a replacement to run from the date the case is disposed of.
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    I would say contact the information commisioners office mate, if the council want to hide the identity of a person in such a way... maybe the ico can do an audit of your file to see if there are any "strange" footsteps left.
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    Having done a few checks, it appears that Turkey is NOT one of the countries where the cap applies. This is the link to the charges for Turkey http://www2.orange.co.uk/servlet/Satellite?pagename=PersonalIR&c=OUKPage&cid=1123171273258&mid=1123171272053&extarg4=1123171272053&extarg1=PAYM&extarg2=1126544428467&extarg3=&x=21&y=10
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    Payplan are really good and its free no up front fees to pay and you can do it all online if you wish / they always phone back if you ask and you are made to feel at ease they will take control all you need to do is give them all your finance and income etc details and the do the rest...good luck your not alone
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