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  1. Cheers maroondevo. I would read VJ,s thread in full.
  2. Just be careful Carter doesn't send court papers to your old address - it's a favourite tactic of his to get a CCJ by default by sending it to an old address (I bet he does know your new address). Ask your friend to keep an eye out for anything else that comes addressed to you (but tell them not to open it), you'll go and collect it - we can then advise you what to do next.
  3. Hi silverfox, bowing deeply And your link includes: "• Always ensure that negotiations are in writing, via recorded delivery if possible. Keep a copy of the confirmation letter in a safe place. • For credit debts consider a request under the Consumer Credit Act to see if there are any issues with the paperwork. A creditor is likely to accept a very low settlement on a potentially unenforceable debt. • Try and ensure that your credit file is marked as fully satisfied as a condition of the settlement. • Ensure that the letter sent with the payment clearly states ‘full and f
  4. " but hearing is later this week so have time, off to have lunch and have a bit of fun " " You state above its today !!!!
  5. Angel If it were me I wouldn't ask for any costs today - as you may want to agree a "drop hands" later - where each side pays its own costs? I would prepare an I&E so you can perhaps get the judge to agree to time to pay if you do lose today - but ensure you keep this well hidden - and don't show any sign of weakness too early. This is what I think - but I've not yet had to get to the court stage and would welcome other views too for you to consider. Good luck! BD
  6. Anytime. It’s really important that people understand that getting a set aside purely because you did not receive the claim form is a non-starter. You need to have a reasonable prospect of defending the claim or be able to show an abuse of process by the claimant. In your case, you had both! Once again though it appeared the judge was all but ready to side with the claimant. That’s why your documents and arguments have to be spot on, and why you MUST be prepared to open your mouth in court and fight your corner.
  7. Well if you happy with what they have supplied, then offer them what YOU can afford each month, NOT what they want. Do not discuss it on the phone with them, make your offer in writing and stick to it. DOn't allow them to bully you into paying more than YOU can afford with their tales of woe. Ask them for their banking details and set up a standing order to make payment. DO NOT set up a direct debit, pay with a debit/credit cards or give them any banking details What sort of balance are we looking at here?
  8. Johnnycee, slow down, whow up. Put a charge on your house, in there dreams babe.... First need a CCJ and your no where near yet. Secondly, you can stop paying who you like any time you like. God forbid, what happens if you were in a comma???? who would pay... Firstly, how much can you afford these people with the debts that are enforceable, work it out, make an offer and tell them if they don't like it see you in court. Why oh why do we still see people paying over the odds going without food or fuel. This is the 21st century in a developed country. Johnny, time to cancel any paymen
  9. Hi jamanji, There were two sites we referred to. Please note I can never make muy links work properly so probably the quickest way to get there is to enter Addleshaw Goddard in your search engine. The site is not too easy to navigate but there is section on full and final settlements which will take you back to the infamous Pinnel case of 1602 ( ruling still extant) but they give explanations and bring you up to date with case references even to Lloyd LJ sitting in the Court of Appeal. Secondly try the same with: Gannons London Solicitors They have a section on F & F wh
  10. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?118145-Full-SAR-for-ppi That should be all you need for now. Once you get the statements back, we can go from there. Send all letters by Recorded Delivery as that ensures you have a full paper trail.
  11. Sounds as if you need to see what the Council have, particularly if it goes back a year or three. Easiest way is to submit a SAR, some do it free but others charge the £10. I fail to understand that if they are deducting money from your Benefits why you owe. Do you actually claim CTB? PT
  12. I would say that the employer would have to consider any reasonable request, but that it would stand more chance of success when accompanied by a well reasoned argument as to why this would be in the business interest. Based on what you have said, the employer might equally deem that an increase in hours to achieve the same level of productivity might not be seen as a cost effective or therefore reasonable adjustment - although this would depend on the level of support that you enjoy at present, your value to the business and various other factors. They might, based on your reasoning, sug
  13. Neeta, You do not even need to use any of the template letters on the site. Something as simple as I was sold PPI on this account and believe it was mis-sold for the following reasons................. Therefore I request you refund all payments made in relation to the PPI including compound interest and simple interest at 8%. As for the spreadsheets, personally I have never used any of them. The method I use is to create a spreadsheet with the dates and amounts of each payment you made for PPI. Next comes calculating the compound interest. I know there are different
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