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    Very nicely argued Djhutch. My advice would be to bang in an ET1. It will take so many months to get a hearing (if it comes to that) that you will have time to refine the argument. Then start digging and digging. I will bet that you will find that the employer actually has a training agreement for this post with someone - to provide the job with training, and I will lay bets that the NVQ is probably paid for already as part of this deal. To be honest, I don't know whether the argument you have put (and any others you dream up) will fly. But I do like it and I think it has legal merit - which obvioulsy isn't the same thing as winning. But it may not come to that if you make a claim as the employer may settle. You can represent her in the claim. You are a trades unionist, so you know the rules. This is a game of chicken - don't swerve when you see the whites of their eyes You also don't have to play by the rules, unlike lawyers. So yes - MP's, papers, training accreditation bodies - anyone you can think of. And I assume you have already explained the most important thing - why she joins a union!!!!
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    Speaking to the phone drones won't solve the problem, they will continue to ignore anything you say, as they will assume that you are lying as that is the mentality of 1st Crud. They fail to check that the person they are attempting to intimidate and threaten, is in fact the correct person, by responding to one of their phishing letters only serves to encourage them to send more deforestation, even by sending them a letter stating that you have no idea of this debt, will encourage them to harass you further, and to ring them will prove fruitless, as they don't have a response on their scripts when they are told this debt has nothing to do with you. As for legal action, and the possibility of them being able to get a CCJ against someone who isn't the debtor, is as likely as Gordon Clown being re-elected PM. That course of action only acts as easy money in your bank balance. P.S. Whoever left me rep??? I was a cloud puncher, never really took to the nine mile sniping...still bloody deaf though!
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    The relevent passage relating to split claims is: County Courts Act 1984 Part II, 'Miscellaneous provisions as to jurisdiction', Section 35, 'Division of causes of action' 'It shall not be lawful for any plaintiff to divide any cause of action for the purpose of bringing two or more actions in one or more of the county courts'. Which suggests that you have to actually apply for both parts of the claim to be in the wrong. When they apply for the first part - you cannot prove that they intend to apply for the rest. However if you defend the first claim and loose, paying the small amount - you can then defend the second claim. The 'Split claims' Thread is below. This now has some useful links in it to other threads http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?276741-Some-solicitors-using-Split-Claims-how-does-one-defend/page2
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    why cant all companies follow lee at vodaphone customer service skills its allways better to use sugar rather than vinager
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    Like I say, I cannot see how the carpet can be pulled for your FIL in this scenario. I would have a read of this thread over on LLZ (which I posted on 5 years ago when a much more naive landlord! ). Unfortunately the links within are dead now, but the thread gives some interesting reading for you: http://www.landlordzone.co.uk/forums/showthread.php?t=817
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    Let us know when that happens, I'm sure a mod will mark the thread resolved and add it to the ever growing list of success stories!
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    Hi Lee, Still no response from Phones4U - will probably have to go back to manufacturers as the local branch don't seem to want to know. He's now bought a new phone - a Samsung Galaxy S and it is so much better than the HTC - in fact I'm quite tempted myself. Another three family members/friends have also said they're going to get one - naturally they'll avoid Phones4U so really they've lost a few customers.
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    Make it a final warning to comply or you will apply for a court order to produce the documents.
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    Yes, without the added bit after the yours sincerely. Don't mind me, I'm in a weird mood tonight. I'd better be orf to bed anyway, long day tomorrow. Night night and remember your mantras before you go to bed. 8-)
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