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  1. & as an aside...im not leaving till i get my 6th blob lol (thanks FL btw)
  2. Wouldn't the sensible thing to do now, would be to write a letter saying that you consider the account to be in dispute, complaining about the interest being added. Ask them to review the account and respond within 14 days with a legible CCA. Advise them that if they don't respond, you will suspend payments and only recommence any payments, if they stop adding interest and forward a legible copy of the original CCA.
  3. Mortgage Fact Finding is not a Regulated Activity and can be done by a non-authorised introducer. You need to prove that he made the specific recommendation. Did he also help you fill up the application form? There is no comeback against him if he was unauthorised. Your comeback is against Broker B as he accepted a recommendation from someone who wasn't authorised and made an application on the strength of that recommendation, which is why you need proof from the lender that it was Broker B who completed and submitted the application form. Broker B's Principle, the fully authorised network, is responsible for the mis-selling damage as they take responsibility for everything Broker B does. If you look at the webpages of the claims firms, you will find lists of all the reasons why a mortgage can be mis-sold.
  4. Yep agree with all that Elsa and BRW have said. The Co-op does a simple basic current account which allows you to set up standing orders etc. No idea if it's online but worth investigating. The 3 month mortgage payment holiday could be just the "breather" you need and may not solve everything but might allow you to set a few things straight or pay off some of the smaller debts allowing you to tackle the bigger ones. Direct debits are the bane of my life. They just allow the bank or whoever to take what they want, when they want it and you have no control. Either the Standing Order or ask for a paying in book or just transfer online but make sure you're in control.
  5. Hello Wilchil64! Get an Account that allows you on-line Access. Then you can log-in at any time, and see where the bank thinks you are. Likewise, you can pay Bills via BACS, when you are ready to pay. Most BACS Transfers these days only take 2 hours, so it's getting pretty good, at long last. Forget Cheques, because they take forever, and you tend to lose track of the damned things. All banks are not to be trusted, but the lesser of many evils seems to be the Co-Op, or perhaps one of the Building Societies. The key is on-line Access, and a bank that is not part of the same banking group as the one you use now. Once you are on-line, you can transfer over what you need into your old bank Account, until such time as you can either dump it, or reduce the Overdraft to zero as you manage your funds and budgets. Keep the old bank AC if you can, just as a fallback, a reverse Parachute Account if you like (one to have for later). There's no reason not to, provided it doesn't cost you. Do not let anyone have a Direct Debit on the new bank Account, keep that free of parasites. Use BACS or Standing Orders, never Direct Debit. The one exception may have to be the Mortgage, but you could always leave that where it is, and BACS over the funds a day or two ahead of the payment going out. The key is to regain full control over your money and funds, and that won't happen while elements of the Debt Industry are dipping into your bank Account when ever they feel like it. The software suggestions are just to help and, as I say, you may be surprised how little you need to pay if you can find a copy on eBay or perhaps Amazon etc. Cheers, BRW
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