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  1. PAYMENT PROTECTION INSURANCE Before reclaiming or cancelling PPI you should have a look at the following Notes and see what type of PPI you actually have. Always consider all the facts and figures before starting a claim.. Whatever you do Do Not Just Jump In without researching your own policy, and don’t be afraid to ask for help / advice on the forums on CAG. There are basically 2 types of Payment protection Insurance policies. 1) Monthly paid premium (as used by most of the credit card companies) These policies should not be a big problem to cancel; normally the
  2. The forum is very confusing for some people and they are constantly asking where they can find letters and guides or for links to documents. Below is a complete A-Z index of the main stickys with their links. In addition there is the ConsumerWiki A -Z here: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/consumer-forums-website-questions/123374-consumerwiki-z-index.html Please PM me or a Mod if you find any bad links or would like to add any other useful links If you are new to forums this thread will be invaluable: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/welcome-consum
  3. Hi Oldbear. Yes you just reclaim these in exactly the same way. Dont forget that if they have added them to the loan, you will be paying interest on them too. Reclaim them back as you would bank charges and say you wanted them deducting from the debt together with any interest paid on them.
  4. Aww thanks for the luv to my lil muffin! Energetic lil chufta eh?! Yes of course you can use my letters ... copy n paste away! That's why I posted in the faint hope they may help others. Also, yup the service charge is another word for interest .... they think if they call it a service it'll be better me thinks ... still an absolute fortune tho eh ... oughta wear masks the robbers!! From experience they seem to pay the admin charges back no bother but expect to receive vouchers first .. just return them & tell 'em you want a cheque tho & there will be no bother I'm sure. The
  5. GuidoT


    Yes carry on, but and commence proceedings for the balance only and send a letter along these lines. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/bank-templates-library/25716-rejection-settlement-offer.html Once you have sent the letter spend the money. They really are paying out earlier and earlier these days.
  6. I'm getting a vague hint the commissioners office may be involved
  7. You need to discover what is actually making the computer crash. You are within your rights to go back to Scan and ask them to tell you what the problem is, as the components which they have supplied do not appear to be working. Once you know this, it should be a clear run home, as it will more than likely be a component which they have supplied, which is faulty and they legally have to exchange or refund. They do NOT have to give you one or the other, as most retailers will say they only exchange. This is not true, and the consumer is entitled to whichever one they prefer. I had pr
  8. Tifo you are right they do ony have limited powers. They can hit companies who don't comply with the notification part of the Act, but otherwise all they can do is advise us to seek recompense from the Court.
  9. Here you go Brian. I knew if I searched for posts by Michael Browne with a keyword of claim form I'd find something of use. Follow this link here and it should take you directly to a post in which Micahel Browne very usefully sets out what you need to put in each section of the form. So the answer is you put the following in the value section: Value: Bank charges (and overdraft interest if claimed) - £XXXX Data Protection Act Fee - £XX (if claimed) S69 8% Interest - £XXX Total of - £XXXX Plus daily interest at 8% of £0.XXp from the date of issue until settlement. So you se
  10. Sure going to be interesting seeing what responses come back to those letters!! So far Kings Hill haven't responded to our SAR at all. The stuff we had came from Cabots.
  11. Sorry just re-read your post and obviously you have not taken it back yet! So your first port of call is the retailer -and try & locate some kind of proof of purchase!
  12. So firstly write to the bank telling them that these charges are unlawful and you want the bank to stop imposing them. Next step, start the process of reclaiming these charges. A guide to all of these are to be found here:http://www.consumeractiongroup.c o....se-read-these/ When you have read plenty start a thread in your own bank forum, so we can easily look to see how well you are doing and offer advice when needed. good luck, Happy. If this helps please tip the scales bottom left. __________________
  13. Hi Matt and your sister. My advice would be, If your sister could close the account do that first but as they are still putting charges onto the account then she may not be able to do this. I guess that she still owes a lot of money to them. So firstly write to the bank telling them that these charges are unlawful and you want the bank to stop imposing them. Next step, do as with your own account and start the process of reclaiming these charges. A guide to all of these are to be found here:http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/faqs-please-read-these/ When you have read plenty st
  14. Its the date the charges were applied.
  15. Thia is very long I'm afraid, but it's a collection of bits of various documents and my own musings through succesfully claiming back money owed to me through a mis-sold endowment. Nightmare computer problems trapped this doc in my old computer for 6 weeks so apologies for the long delay! If you find it useful, please click the scales! More than five million endowments have a shortfall. If yours is one of them, is this just bad luck or were you badly advised? There are 11 million endowment policies linked to mortgages in the UK. More than half are predicted to fail to do what th
  16. Hi Brian, Yes if you're using the N1 claim form then you have found the right particulars. Yes you're right, copy and past it into a word document and add all of your personal details. These particulars are part of your claim form, so as well as including these you also need to fill out the N1 form which you can get from here. You also need to include an up to date schedule of charges with the statutory interest (8%) added as well. Obviously have a read through the particulars of claim you've pasted above (you might get told to edit and remove the text you've pasted by the way as it come
  17. A couple of links that may help along the way Court N1 form http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/bank-templates-library/681-4-particulars-claim-n1.html Moneyclaim Online https://www.moneyclaim.gov.uk/csmco2/index.jsp Court Bundle http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/bank-templates-library/33060-basic-court-bundle.html
  18. You serve it on their registered offices which will be in the contacts thread at the top of this forum. Btw you can count weekends when you give time limits.
  19. Okay what you need to do is start reading aruond the site starting with the FAQs, this amount is partly made up of charges so the bank cannot persue it as it will be in dispute as soon as you start your claim. Have a read around and see what the process involves, hoe to get your charges back and your default removed. When you are ready start a thread in your banks forum and keep us informed.
  20. after 6 years with no contact every debt is statute barred, i.e. cannot be collected.
  21. Right guys, you need to start your own threads and not hijack tasha's!!!! lol As Lively says, read the FAQ pages.. this is the most important thing you will do... any questions, just ask on your thread and one of us will come along and answer any queries..
  22. Send the Cheque back and go for it. After all you have already started and are a good part of the way there already.You will win in the end,the last thing they want is to step into a court room.Start your MCOL then sit back and wait for an improved offer.and dont forget we are all here to help you. If I have helped please click the scales bottom left:rolleyes:
  23. Hi Maxine, i see you found our little discussion on these payments:D Being hugely cynical with regards to our friends in the Banks, i wanted to be sure i responed to the payment i also recieved in the correct way, so that i left no avenues for them to contest if i should get as far as court. In my case i opted for the simple interest route (wish i'd spent a little more time trying to understand how to apply the contractual now though:o ) Still my point is that i think the majority of people claiming are not going down the contractual route and are recieving these "Goodwill G
  24. Hi Dirk Diggler If you have heard nothing recently from Lowell then I should leave it at that for the time being. However, Lowell, like other DCA's have a habit of putting a default on you credit record as soon as they acquire the debt. This can adversely affect your chances of getting further credit for many years. I suggest that you write to all of the 3 main credit reference agencies (Experian/Equifax/Callcredit) and request a copy of your credit report. You need to send £2 to each for this info. If you then see any defaults registered from Lowell OR get any further dem
  25. hi dazza, in reply to your pm, i am afraid that someone has misinformed you i am by no means an expert on this. i deal with scottish law which is quite different at times from english. however i did have a case against the bos which they failed to respond to. i had to wait til seven days after the court date then apply to the court for a decree in absence. this was done using a downloadable form from the court website which i then submitted to my local court along with all my documentation. the judge then signed this as a warrart of execution and returned it to me. this i then took along to
  26. Paintball, If you don't want to claim contractual interest that is fine of course, but despite all the waffle, it really isn't that hard of a concept when you get right down to it. When we use the Bank's money without authorisation (using a debit card without funds available, paying a direct debit without funds available etc), the bank charge us a penalty. The also then charge interest at their unauthorised rate (usually 25-30%) on the amount of their money that has been used. So for example if you have a £100 direct debit come out of your account, but you only have £50, you wil
  27. N1: Claimant: Your name and address Defendant: XXXXX Bank Plc and Registered address Brief Details: The claimant has a bank account with the defendant. The defendant deducted from the account various amounts of money in penalty charges. The claimant contends that these charges are unlawful and the claimant is demanding the repayment of money. Value: Bank charges (and overdraft interest if claimed) - £XXXX Data Protection Act Fee - £XX (if claimed) S69 8% Interest - £XXX Total of - £XXXX Plus daily interest at 8% of £0.XXp from the date of issue until settlement.
  28. Everything seems to be happening at the same time. Finally had a response from the Information Commissioners Office today.... I need to get back to them though for further clarification. 25th January 2007 Case Reference Number ENQ0140575 Dear tbern123 Thank you for your E mails of the 3rd and 18th of November 2006 regarding your dealings with two financial companies. Please accept my apologies for the delay in providing you with a substantive response; this is due to increased volumes of correspondence being received by the team which deals with finance based qu
  29. Dave, you'd do better starting this again in or getting it moved to the Landlords and Tenants forum. Your son has a flat-share with three other people right? Is it a joint tenancy arrangement, with a landlord off-site and rent split four ways, or a lodging arrangement with the landlord living in? Tenants have more rights than lodgers, that's why I ask. Simply, no, they should not be going into his room full-stop, especially if he's flatly refused permission for them to do so, and I would get him to write to the landlord asking permission to fit a basic key-lock on his own door (make sur
  30. Sorry, I forgot to post their reply: _________ Thank you for your e-mail received xxx In your e-mail you refer to article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights and the Human Rights Act 1998. The 1998 Act requires all 'public authorities' to act compatibly with the rights contained in Schedule 1 of the Act. However, Experian is not a public authority but a private company carrying on commercial activities. It follows that the 1998 Act does not directly place upon us any additional responsibilities or duties. However, Parliament has for a long time recognised the sensitivity o
  31. Cheques are always dodgy, if its not cashed then its not paid for, i know proof can be made that they have it but its a stalling tool for them. I always use postal orders, its made out to them already, not cashing is a pointless option. Their desperate mitts see it and want to apply it to your account asap so its straight up the post office. I would send a reminder advise of cheque number, or send a copy of the photo copy made before sending. This should get a reply and the S.A.R - (Subject Access Request) they will take as long as possible as they get to hold your money longer.
  32. Just to clarify the section 85 debate, after lots of PM's asking about it section 14 defines a credit token thus: 14 Credit-token agreements (1) A credit-token is a card, check, voucher, coupon, stamp, form, booklet or other document or thing given to an individual by a person carrying on a consumer credit business, who undertakes— (a) that on the production of it (whether or not some other action is also required) he will supply cash, goods and services (or any of them) on credit, or (b) that where, on the production of it to a third party (whether or not any othe
  33. Hi Yes you can do as many claims as you like, just make sure you that you don't sign anything saying otherwise when this claim gets settled. Good luck, and if you need any help, just ask. Barty:)
  34. It depends on you credit rating. If it's ok most banks will offer you a facility but they will expect (if they know about it) you to settle any existing OD My advice is open a basic current account & then calculate your claim to see how much you will have available to repay the overdraft. As when you do start your claim Barclays will almost certainly call in your overdraft & close the account
  35. Statement of evidance is on page 3 of this thread - http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/general/53570-new-strategy-allocation-questionaires-3.html#post450746 All the cases and statutes are contained within the court bundle - http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/bank-templates-library/33060-basic-court-bundle.html
  36. Hi and welcome to the site, You've definately taken the first step into claiming back what's rightfully yours. Spend time reading the FAQ's and the Step by Step guide as this will stop you making mistakes along the way. Use the letters and spreadsheets in the Templates Library as these have all been tried and tested in successful claims. Read as many threads as you can especially ones that relate to your bank. This is a SELF HELP site and won’t do the work involved for you. However, everything you need is on here somewhere. Don't be afraid to ask any questions, no matter how stu
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