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  1. I wanted to provide an update to this chain. I have reached a settlement with Hermes. For the benefit of anyone else going through this process, some notes: The formal mediation process was delayed (I guess, due to Covid). I wrote directly to the relevant person in Hermes' legal department (firstname.lastname@hermes-europe.co.uk - you will get the names in your claim form, for anyone else going through this process) I played hard ball - I maintained my position in my claim form, I did not give Hermes' (in my view, entirely without merit) arguments any attent
  2. You must put in writing to the insurer today confirming that the policy should be cancelled from 3rd September because you sold the vehicle on that date and no longer have any interest in it. Send them a copy of whatever evidence you have that the vehicle was sold. Also if they sent you a Certificate of Insurance by post when you last renewed the policy post it back to them. (Today because it's 7 days from the date you sold the vehicle and there's 7 day deadline for returning the certificate) Don't wait for your friend to write a letter to insurers, you must take action immediately
  3. You're right - it's a complete nonsense. I've noticed one or two other forums doing this recently and it's a complete PITA. It does not help the reader "focus on the content", rather it annoys the hell out of them because they can't identify easily a previous post they want to refer to. Your forced to "bloat quote" which I've no doubt drives dx100uk up the wall. Tell Invision that grown-up users prefer post reference numbers as it helps them keep track of the thread. (I bet they don't know how to do it. Challenge them!)
  4. https://www.gov.uk/government/news/crackdown-on-private-car-parking-firms-will-eliminate-unfair-fines The Government seem to think that the new proposals will eliminate rogue parking operators. As if. Among the proposals are capping the maximum charge at £80 with lesser misdemeanours charged at £40. The good thing is that it will mean the parking crooks will have to produce new signage to reflect the new charges and they should also have to remove the proviso that they can add extra charges above the cap. There is an increase in charges to £120 for those parking in places designate
  5. Happy days! See here for details https://www.rightsnet.org.uk/forums/viewthread/16374 The new ADM (decision makers guidance) for ESA is on a later post there but confusing - well DWP are going to DWP speak So lodge those SSCC1's with HMCTS and get your fit notes ordered from your GPs from day 1 of being informed of that negative decision. We're getting paid assessment rate again as soon as HMCTS notify the DWP you've lodged. I'm off to run naked in the street!
  6. I guess we can expect ‘clarification’ from the PM tonight while the sky fills with flying pigs. My best guess on further measures: You can cross parish boundaries as long as you hop on one foot whilst humming happy birthday Cars can move between different boroughs with differing restrictions as long as the combined ages of the occupants total no more than 90 years If your journey involves crossing county boundaries you need to download a government approved eye test chart and use this as your permit to travel.
  7. Not only that but we now have a plug-in which has returned the edit and report buttons to the bottom of each post alongside the quote button. You can now use those or the ones under the ellipsis At the top right post.
  8. Judge ruled that the bailiff had no reasonable belief he was entering a debtor's premises and there was not even evidence of a writ. Ruled there was no evidence of a NOE sent to the address. Ruled there was a tort of assualt as the bailiff barged in wearing, in the Judge's words, combat gear. Ruled there was a tort os 'misuse of private information' by the bailiff by taking photos of the homeowner's documents More in the link. Case originally discussed here on these boards
  9. The thing that gets me is what good does closing a pub at 10pm do? Does the Virus only work nights?
  10. Right'o! So as you booked this holiday recently and with all knowledge of the pandemic, you won't be able to hang onto that for a cancellation. You will only be entitled to cancel free of charge if the travel company makes "significant" changes to your hotel or your flights. Unless that happens, the agent is entitled to charge you a cancellation fee. If you are serious about backing out, you can ask teletext how much cancellation fee they would charge for backing out now (the earlier you do this the smaller the fee will be). As far as I know the cancellation fee must be reason
  11. It isn’t even the constant failures which annoy me most, I accept this is not a situation with absolute and easy answers. It’s the automatic response of lying to me at every turn which means I’ve lost any and all faith in government. We all know politicians lie but this shower have surpassed themselves and then when the lying doesn’t work they blame us for their failures. They’ve lost whatever grip they ever had because success always depended on trust and compliance. I think that’s gone for good.
  12. no don't ever counter claim... esp in small claims as it takes the gloves off over costs.
  13. Do nothing...its for the claimant to proceed..as per the last order above.
  14. I suppose it was all predictable, sadly. People like Indie Sage have been saying for ages that to open schools safely, you need a well-functioning Test, Trace and Isolate system. I wonder how different it would have been if they'd given the money to local authorities and let them run it?
  15. Plenty of iffy points. a) HMCTS do not get invovled until the Charge certificate and Order for Recovery have been issued and the debt registered at HMCTS by the council b) PCN number should be two letters followed by 8 numerals c) Charge certificate cost would be full penalty +50% ie £50 +£25 =£75 not £100 d) contravention desciption is not one of the statutory descriptions e) Location should be a road or carpark not just United Kingdom f) Drive-away PCN's must be served by post
  16. It usually means that they do not have at least one of the documents which means that there is no contract between them and the motorist. That is good for you. When doing your WS you can say that you sent them a CPR 31.14 in early August which they have not sent any documents to you as yet. So it is reasonable to assume that they are missing at least one of the documents that prove there is a contract between OPS and yourself. You feel that as a litigant in person that you may well be ambushed in Court with the Landlord's contract with them giving you little
  17. Going to court is stressful and can take hours and hours of study and preparation, often for chasing a small sum, often for an amount that is not worth the time and stress involved in winning. On the other hand, I take the view the stress is nothing more than a competitive adrenaline, a technical game of chess, a bet on the horses, a day on a business training course. All such things might cost a similar amount that we fight for. Win or lose, we gain experience that makes a small sum worth fighting for. We gain practice and experience if ever there is a time when the stakes are much higher.
  18. I'm afraid that this would not be a valid argument. Even if you give a piece of music away, it doesn't mean that you have also transferred copyright. Copyright can only be transferred by an assignment in writing. Anybody – but especially in a professional production company would be required to assume that there is a copyright issue with any piece of music that they come across
  19. So you emailed a friend, who may have passed it on to his brother in law and they may have passed it on etc etc. In the end your music file is just added to a long list of music and given a new title. The owner of the track is most likely listed as the last person who passed it on, to whoever registered it. The argument will be that you gave it away for free, as you set no terms to whoever you passed it onto. As Bankfodder says this is much more complicated. I very much doubt you will receive any response from Scott free or anyone else connected to the produ
  20. I'm sure we would all like to listen to the track on the YouTube video in question. Maybe you could post it up here. This is a very interesting story and you will have two problems. First of all establishing that the copyright work is yours, and then deciding what the value of the work is. I think there would be no question of preventing its use at this stage and if it went to court I can imagine that a court would eventually decide that a certain figure of award would adequately compensate you for the use of your copyright work. I had initially thought that the company which owned t
  21. Sounds nice, but not exactly a healthier alternative, with maple syrup and all of the other marinade ingredients. I once said to a devout vegan that I could give up eating meat, but would miss a bacon sandwich. Their response was that this was a very offensive thing to say to any vegan.
  22. The entire republican party is corrupt to the core. We have out issues with our parties here, but damn, the states is basically a clusterf***. Trumps been c[aught lying, commiting illegal activities, and hes still being defended. Even the US justice department is starting to be his personal lawyer due to Barr.
  23. Information on the type of leather https://www.leather-dictionary.com/index.php/Semi-aniline Does it feel cold when touched ? "Leather that feels cold and plastic-like should be checked thoroughly as this is not a normal characteristic of semi-aniline leather."
  24. Yes it's a complete nuisance that there is no numbering any more. I have raised this with Invision who are the authors and owners of the platform and they have said that they decided deliberately not to have post numbers in order to help people "focus on the content" rather than on the periphery information around the post. It's complete nonsense – and although the Invision platform is not bad, I have a sense that they are rather controlling. They don't really like to provide people with a lot of choice. It's been raised on the Invision forum and I'm hoping that maybe one of the thir
  25. Hi guys Not been on the site for a while but cannot thank you for all support and help. I'm sure I'll need support in the future but am pleased to have contributed to the cause today. Good luck all with your problems and thanks once CAG board members and others for your fantastic help
  26. It's all a bit pointless. Getting Kirstie Allsop and random right wing Daily Mail hacks, to shame people into risking their lives on the London underground so that they can fill a miserable empty office building really isn't going to work. Employers everywhere have now discovered that they can save 10's of thousands per month, and not lose any productivity, by dumping the office. Employees have discovered that they have Thousands of pounds more to spend a year, and many hours given back to them per week. No government campaign has the power to put that genie back in the bottle, w
  27. Kent is often referred to as the "garden of England" From 1/1/21 will be known as the "lorrypark of England"! What is happening with other ports that connect to EU countries ? Presumably they will have same problem. And apparently with no deal between UK and EU, Northern Ireland will be in really difficult position, with border issues with Ireland and rest of the UK.
  28. I think that could well be a reason/excuse for him to jump before he is pushed. I have absolutely zero sympathy for him, but the extended effects covid have on some people including children is more like one of those diseases considered more feared by some, with Covid known to cause organ and nerve damage and severe damage to the immune system, and the effects becoming known as long Covid more common. Linked the early reports on this quite some time ago I think. This is NOT a 'common' flu despite some repeatedly claiming that it is. Perhaps Johnsons doc
  29. Link to information from Oxford University on herd immunity. https://vk.ovg.ox.ac.uk/vk/herd-immunity
  30. My understanding is that herd immunity can be achieved if there's an effective vaccine, cj.
  31. Another requirement should be that when a parking company has been banned from using the DVLA then while they are banned, they cannot issue parking tickets during that time. Neither can they pursue any motorist after the DVLA reinstates its status for any tickets that were issued during theuir shutdown-for instance if they were a bit slow in shutting down a car park when first banned.
  32. The senior managers dealing with this have been on holiday back today, however it has come apparent Lloyds are unsure what to do, as they are well aware the have tried to cover up DSAR information, they made a five figure settlement for the first part, but due to what we have now found out this should of been six figures. As Lloyds are unsure what to do we will be posting a full update within the next week with evidence of what they have done, this will bring criminal charges against a number of the SMT at Lloyds. They think I'll go away but so far this has
  33. Ennis, you are a godsend to this site! Thanks for looking up the CEO's address and sharing it with others in a similar position. Recently quite a few motorists who came to the site have got Lidl to cancel the tickets. The pattern seemed to be - first e-mail, Lidl fobs the motorist off, but - when the motorists insists Lidl then cancel the ticket. What a load of drivel from customer services. Of course they can't appeal on someone's behalf, but that's not what you asked. Lidl have employed Athena to infest their car parks, therefore it is Lidl's respo
  34. Why cant they send the documents by Royal Mail ? The post is still working irrespective of Covid19...looks like a fishing exercise to get information......I wouldn't give anything more than your email address.....and Im not sure about giving that to be honest. Let them go into to default of your request....its their problem how to comply. Andy
  35. so how did the fleecers get your email address to allow them to file their WS so near your deadline of 2 days for yours? we MUST see all their WS please inc all the exhibits in ONE multipage PDF to be able to help at this late stage. the fee is for the fleecers to pay not you..
  36. Yes you can request an SAR by means of email. I wonder what the expected life of a clutch on that kind of vehicle – given that is a rental vehicle – would be. I suppose that the most likely scenario is that it has been driven so roughly by a series of renters that the clutch was in bad condition anyway and that it finally failed when it came into your position. If this did go to court, I think there would be no problem getting a judge to accept that this was more likely than not the case. (The standard of proof in civil cases simply 51% – meaning that a judge accepts that
  37. With all the associated risk issues during the trip if the teacher is infected
  38. I cant find anything on who Phoenix Recoveries UK Ltd (SARL) who they assigned or merged with.I think some debts went to Link. Is the Restriction causing problems...your selling or remortgaging ? https://www.ehnetwork.org.uk/forum-topic/unable-remove-charge-empty-property-dissolved-company
  39. if you have written evidence that within 30 days of you receiving the watch back you informed him the watch was not working, under CPA and contract law he doesn't have a leg to stand on...forget any guarantee/warranty, they are not worth the paper they are written on, and do not replace nor negate your consumer rights. dx
  40. what ever made you go GDPR sar route? this is why it is SO important not to play secret squirrel as it leads you up the wrong path and you follow faulty advice. so 8hrs later you get the correct advice: you did not receive the original PCN so everything inc enforcement should be reset: follow:
  41. Not been to court as yet but have just finished the bundle to submit for a six figure sum which highlights everything they have done, which we have also notified the press of. I feel the same as many others about the banks thinking they are above the law, as I have something so concrete it's time to make a show. Lloyds really do not know what they are dealing with taking someone like me on, hence why this has been worked on for so many years.
  42. No, I would ignore them completely. I think the fact that they are relying on telephone calls this because they don't have your address. How badly do you need that particular telephone number? Maybe it's time to move to a different provider but not put your telephone number over. If you went to GiffGaff, you could get very good-contract – month by month – mobile phone service and with the new number. Afterwards if you wanted to move somewhere else then you could give one months notice and move elsewhere and take your new number with you
  43. Hi NK, Just to give some balance to this, I've had 3 cases where fraudsters have tried to insure 3 different cars using my bank account. The charges went through on my bank account but were flagged up as suspicious and they asked me to confirm if I'd made the transactions. They want to check it was really YOU that paid for the insurance with YOUR bank or credit card account, as well as proof of your address. Instead of being suspicious about their need for data, you could view this as their attempt to check they're using your money to insure your own car.
  44. and still apparently ignores all who weren't tested at all and perhaps also all those tested after they died and each of the UK nations is among the worst in Europe with England the worst of the worst - which even the Boris Broadcasting Company is showing (although rarely/briefly/quietly if at all in main news of course) https://www.bbc.com/news/health-53592881 let alone: https://www.ft.com/content/a2901ce8-5eb7-4633-b89c-cbdf5b386938 Boy are the Eu's covid stats going to improve in January ...
  45. Well done DB -I am really pleased for you. As brassnecked said relax tonight -you have the ccj removed and your money back. Have a glass of wine or seven knowing that you now have a bit of experiences with Court procedures now which will stand you in good stead for getting the PCN quashed and perhaps payment for breach of GDPR and the poor behaviour of OBS who have known from the start that they did not have planning permission and so no reason to put you through everything they did.
  46. Particularly when you take into account that Hancocks Test and Trace crew are apparently doing the simpple (LESS complex) ones So Handcocks Test and Trace Crew can't even contact the people that actually contacted them in the first place it would seem ...
  47. you follow post 2 in that related thread............ all of that list and what to do regarding cca request is already there...
  48. then there is your proof to them why would you pay for BB twice!! for my notes: GENERAL NOTES ON CHARGEBACK & Continuous Payment Authority & BACS ..... We have been telling people to put a letter into their bank instructing them not to make any payments under any circumstances to these companies . http://whatconsumer.co.uk/visa-debit-chargeback/- it works! usually this should be done using the number on your debit card . banks MUST follow written intructions from their customers ! . CANCELLING YOUR DEBIT CARD DOES NOT STOP CPA'S .
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