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    all sites are bound to have teething issues, especially when you upgrade from one platform to another. You cant make all changes on a test forum and transfer over, as the backends could be different, plus people are still making and replying to posts all the time. Believe me, been there and done it, many a time. On multi million pound websites. it may seen straightforward to the layman, but sadly web development is never that straightforward. For this site, its even more compounded as the old webmaster is sadly no longer with us, so any code he made has to be translated and interpreted by the new one, and if its not optimized code it can be very difficult to work through as the slightest change could impact something totally irrelevant.
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    just type no need to keep hitting quote, it just makes the thread twice as long to scroll through to find you reply. its not for you to prove its not statute barred by for link to do it. if you wanted to be really funny with them , use the address of the grave yard or the cremation parlour that was used!! hope you don't mind the humour but link are thick as 2 short planks, they don't care who pays it, there must be a mug out there somewhere we can fleece.
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    I think the OP just needs to be reassured here. Never Happen The bailiff does not even have any powers at this point, and after such a time he would have to apply to the court under CPR83, to have a warrant issued, which after 13 years they would be V unlikely to issue.
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    It was a lot easier to use CAG with the old format. Now when you do New or Unread Posts you only get several posts coming up. If you click on a post to read it, when you are finished and click to go out, it takes you to the top of the page of new posts and you have to scroll down to find the one that you have just viewed. Must a admit I don't personally like the drab colours associated with the pages.
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    Yes very good news in deed! 5.5 million they raked inlast year.....not bad for a run down filty car park that towers above a derelict shopping centre. One of the only restaurant owners left on the edge ofthe precinct got a 100.00 charge and why? .....because his passenger wheels were touching the white line. BUT on that particular side was the ticket machine so he was not stopping anyone parking there or depriving them of income.....but still got 100.00 from him. Just sickening to see them getting away with it. So glad i stuck with it.
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    You could simply have a few stickies that contain/collate listed links for certain individual benefits. Going to be a lot of crossover so a simple link to the answer/thread/post and everything is good! It's not (5 banning points awarded by a mod - insert favourite word about sex beginning with f here) rocket science? Although the ing at the end might be stone cold Olympic Ice skating 10! Rightsnet up dated not long ago and did a very good job of it. Here whilst I'm neither here nor there I'd love to see the disability impact study you did of this change????
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    Worst case is it takes a few weeks to get sorted, you can't get lower than that. OPSTRAT holds all legacy benefit data and is an MSDOS package, hence why it cannot automatically talk with or be uploaded to UC. It's outdated an not really fit for purpose anymore. CIS can talk with UC, but only holds basic information i.e. dates of claim, amounts paid, benefit interests etc. It does not hold information on premiums, WCA outcomes or periods WCA is awarded for, what group you are in or when next assessment is due. It is a basic info system designed to share data with other government agencies/LA benefit staff. Even if the service centre manually checks OPSTRAT, they still have to follow guidance in order to transfer it to UC and complete the necessary action, which at worst can take a few weeks. However if mentioned to a work coach during an initial or first commitment appointment they can do the checks there and then, pin it to UC notes and send a handover to the service centre, which greatly speeds up the process for all involved.
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    Well unless they suddenly wake up, once the judgment is obtained, there is nothing to stop you going ahead. Also send a copy of the judgment to the ICO as part of a complaint.
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    As soon as you get the judgement, send them another letter of claim and tell them that their breach of statutory duty is continuing and you are proposing to issue a claim against them within 14 days.
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    NPOWER never responded, so have gone ahead and submitted the CCJ against them. Now on need to work out exactly the claim details for the next one. Would you be able to give advice?
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    the companies often have this odd arrangement but they are not even run y the same people but the actual peopel who run them are good frienrds and the peopel named on the Companies House registration are just front men. Totally illegal but no-one polices this so it is more common than it should be. This means that CEL cant enforce on behalf of a third party. This is somehting they know and tend to go quiet when they sue people and this is raised as part of a defence. also note that the signon the entrance is an "invitation to treat" so that menas you can ignore the other signs anyway. As for only paying by phone- unfair contract. Also if Starpark are the service provider it would be unlawful for CEL to obtain your keeper details from the DVLA as they have no reasonable cause to do so. You need to write to the DVLA and ask then is Starpark Ltd are permitted automated access under the KADOE agreement and if they are not then you complain that CEL are breaching their agreement because they are working solely for soemone who has no authority to have your details. Get on with this now and when you get a response from the DVLA tell us and we will probably advise a compaint to the ICO. Also ask the local council if anyione has planning permission for the cameras and signage
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    You might be interested to know about the case of wilson v ricket cockerall co ltd 1954. Wilson ordered a consignment of coal from the defendants. When the coal arrived nobody realised that there is a detonator inside the delivery. (They used to use dynamite to loosen the coal of the coalface before digging it out). Anyway, when the coal was put on the there was an . The defendants tried to say that the consignment of coal was of merchantable quality and it was simply the detonator which was a free and was therefore not part of the contract. The court, of course, said that the contractual goods included everything which is delivered as part of the contract and therefore the entire consignment was of merchantable quality. It seems to me that the first answer you had from Tesco's was broadly the same argument.
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    You will be perfectly fine. If the dca ever got a CCJ, and thats unlikely, its gone, done dusted, even dropped off your file. Theres not a single thing they can ever do to you.
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    Not for a ccj they wont.. Stop panicking This is civil debt Not what you see on TV
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    Hi again AA99 dx has answered your substantive questions. Also have a look at www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZZyb4HYC5A8 for an idea of procedure. My advice is to keep it simple. it is for them to prove, not you to disprove. Your points: 1. You have to choose whether to swear on the bible - decide in advance... 3 and 4. Do stress CPR, they are the system's own procedural rules; however, I was asked if I wanted an adjournment because of their flagrant breaches - I chose not to. 2 and 8. Take copies of everything - assume nothing. 5. Lack of proof of title or ownership was crucial in my case and passing the debt around makes ownership questionable. It is for them to prove ownership. Best wishes Vic xxx
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    The following was given Royal Assent on 15 March 2019 with a new Code of Practice to follow https://www.gov.uk/government/news/drivers-to-receive-greater-protection-against-rogue-private-parking-operators
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    The chances are it has been delivered but Track & Trace not updated.
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    That isn't very logical, is it, London, as you say? Our soldiers were fighting alongside some Europeans, without wishing to state the obvious.
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    Actually what's really starting to annoy me is people on Facebook sharing BS about how our soldiers back in world war 2 would be so offended we are denying Brexit in the face of those nasty bullies from Europe. I mean does anyone think a soldier fighting Germany back in 1944 would even care about anything aside from coming home to be with their families. It's pretty offensive IMO.
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    I genuinely believed that watching the votes yesterday we would surely see movement towards a second referendum. But at this stage I don't think a majority will vote for anything that veers too far to the left or right. Teresa May's deal will get voted down a hundred times because forgetting the issue over the backstop - It is still a bad deal. This is the point the seem to have escaped all the hard brexiters, unless they're either ignorant or being deliberately dishonest (maybe a bit of both). Leaving the EU is absolutely worse than staying in the EU, so any "deal" we negotiate at this stage won't be any good for the UK. They seem to be pretending that there is something better out there, maybe through fear of the public backlash. When May says it's her way or no deal. I absolutely believe her. This is a legal process and the EU are trying to implement whatever the wishes of the UK were. By default, our wishes appear to be to negotiate our position down and to give away what sovereignty we had because that is what leaving means. Where we go from here, who knows. The EU still has to agree to an extension of article 50 and they will want to know what the plan is - At present the plan seems to be to have Parliament vote on the same deal until it gets voted through, so a very long extension is looking likely!
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    You cannot force the Def or their legal representative unfortunately. CPR PArt 6.20 states that documents can be served by ...(d) fax or other means of electronic communication in accordance with Practice Direction 6A; However, PD 6A states that to serve by email Service by fax or other electronic means 4.1 Subject to the provisions of rule 6.23(5) and (6), where a document is to be served by fax or other electronic means – (1) the party who is to be served or the solicitor acting for that party must previously have indicated in writing to the party serving – (a) that the party to be served or the solicitor is willing to accept service by fax or other electronic means; and (b) the fax number, e-mail address or other electronic identification to which it must be sent; and (2) the following are to be taken as sufficient written indications for the purposes of paragraph 4.1(1) – (a) a fax number set out on the writing paper of the solicitor acting for the party to be served; (b) an e-mail address set out on the writing paper of the solicitor acting for the party to be served but only where it is stated that the e-mail address may be used for service; or (c) a fax number, e-mail address or electronic identification set out on a statement of case or a response to a claim filed with the court. 4.2 Where a party intends to serve a document by electronic means (other than by fax) that party must first ask the party who is to be served whether there are any limitations to the recipient's agreement to accept service by such means (for example, the format in which documents are to be sent and the maximum size of attachments that may be received). If you do not have their permission and they have not included their email on court documents, then you should not serve by email. Is there any reason why you cannot serve via post? There has been come case law recently about litigants in person and correct means of service and unfortunately so far it is in favour of serving by the CPR so its not worth risking an argument of documents being struck out as they were not served properly.
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    Yes and the dates the directions you must comply by .... to submit your statement and disclosures
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    If you're waiting for information from the PPC/solicitor that's relevant to your defence, still get ready and have as much drafted as you can. Work on the assumption that they are not going to reply in time, so you put notes in about not being given full information, sparse particulars of claim etc and request that you be given leave to submit an amended defence once you have all the details of the claim that you have requested from them. If their reply does come before 22nd then you can slot in points and amend your defence before filing.
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    Ignore the DCA's letters. They cant do a single thing, although they will claim they can. And if you dont contact them, then youre admitting youre liable? In what reality do they think that is realistic or logical?
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    Hi CAG, after a bit of advice on a debt of my mums. She had a Santander credit card taken out in 2004, she defaulted on payments and was stupidly making payments to a DCA until March 18. Rob Way are acting on behalf of the original creditor. I sent a CCA request on her behalf and they returned an incomplete CCA - they sent 1) Recon Agreement with no signature and incomplete 2) Statements 3) How to use your card leaflet This morning she says she has received a letter from a soloicitors regarding this debt, I am trying to get a copy of it and as soon as I can I will upload. I will also upload the docs I received for the CCA less the statements My main question which I should know by now, am I correct in saying the CCA is incomplete and they are in default due to the lack of Signature and also incomplete terms? Also what is my next action ? Ignore? Forgot to say my mum is in Northern Ireland. Thanks
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    No they wont ......Ambulance Chasers...they dont do court
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    you seem to want to make more out of this than actually exists. the person who notified the death isnt a beneficiary so they are not liable for any debt and you are not the executor regardless of what you have been doing to sort things out.. You also fail to understand that the SB clock didnt start when link bought it, it started when your father failed to apy the money owed and that was some considerable time before then. Stop giving these people any credence. STOP CORRESPONDING WITH THEM (other than a SB letter if you are minded to send one), eventually they will go away and they will ahe wasted their time and money for nothing. they have no rights to claim a bean from anyone
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    1. Have you looked at your Credit file, it should give you the default date on there? 2. Do as the others say with a CCA Request? 3. Run an SAR to the original creditors, you will be able to find your last payment date and all of the illegal fees, PPI that you can start reclaiming back.
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    Hi Hi Just my take: Chief Executive Newham Council Address Dear XXXXXXXXXX Formal Complaint Further to my Formal Complaint letter about Anti Social Behaviour dated xx/xx/2019 which you received on xx/xx/2019 (proof of receipt enclosed). As this has now passed your Stage 1 Time Limit (20 days)(https://www.newham.gov.uk/Pages/Services/Complaints-process.aspx) without even an acknowledgement of my Complaint letter dated xx/xx/2019. I now require my Formal Complaint to be moved to Stage 2 of the Complaints Process due to the above. (if there is a link to this on the councils website post that link here otherwise delete) I also now require copies of the following: 1. Newham Council Noise Policy (not the leaflet) 2. Newham Council Anti-Social Behaviour Policy (not the leaflet) 3. Newham Council Complaints Policy (not the leaflet) 5. Newham Council Customer Care Policy (not the leaflet) 6. Newham Council Equality & Diversity Policy (not the leaflet) (check there website some of these may be there, remember to delete this)
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    good on you.!! don't forget a DCA is NOT A BAILIFF and have ZERO LEGAL POWERS on ANY debt. poss time for a slick132 letter that you've probably seen here already should be around later to advise next step.
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    They would require permission of the court to represent the claim again...or they could make application to challenge the strike out and get it back on track..all at further costs to them.....but for now its over. Well done thread title updated. Regards Andy
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    Hi and Welcome to CAG If you could also list the original creditors and type of debt. Regards Andy
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    Hello and welcome to CAG. I've had to remove your bundle because you need to redact it. You've left your name, address, car reg and probably other stuff. Please remove anything including bar codes, etc that could identify you and repost it. If you're able to reduce it from nearly 7MB it would help, it takes a while to load. Best, HB
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    Ignore them for now. The parking authorities own code of conduct states there is a MINIMUM of 10 minutes grace after the time has expired. They cant change that.
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    What help options have you explored in terms of your housing situation? CAB? Shelter? Contact your local Councillor about the council tax in light of your housing situation, you might be on the priority housing list. There must be options? Other than 2 people who have worked their whole lives, sofa surfing.
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    What's happened to this site? I can't find anything! Mobile or laptop it all looks like Zippy from Rainbow has been let loose with his colouring crayons! It's about as user-friendly as the DWP website! Sort it out CAG owners! Way to go to kill your already dwindling user base! For a forum that's moderated tighter than North Korea I can't understand how you can get this upgrade SO wrong! Come on BankFodder, you asked for feedback and the general consensus is "Our survey said... 'Waah-Waah! XXX' "
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    Broken hyperlink: https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/content.php?552-Data-Protection
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    make a formal complaint? and if they continue then send evidence to the Financial regulator read this:- may help:- Harassment by creditors - Citizens Advice
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    That's very strange. This is what it produced for me - https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/search/?q="british telecom"&sortby=relevancy
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    https://home.barclays/who-we-are/structure-and-leadership/leadership/ashok-vaswani/ https://twitter.com/avvaswani?lang=en https://www.barclayscorporate.com/general-info/important/complaints-commitment.html
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    just to add another little pointer, it is against te DCA's code of Practice to threaten things like knackerimg your credit or bankruptcy as a menas of pressuring you to pay up. They know this but as no=-one is going to chuck them in prison for it they will carry on regardless. Let them earn their £15 sending out taradiddles ans ignore all of them, thye ahve no powers to do anything ar all despite some of their more ludicrous claims when you do play letter tennis with them. the other thing you should ask yourself is whne did you sign a credit agreeemtn with these bandits that allows them to add unicorn food tax to the original bill? they are not bailiffs so cnat add a bean to the debt but again they rely on your ignoance to make you think they have some powers they dont.
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    You may be right, but during those 40 years, supply chains have become more complicated and reliant on the single market, just in time etc! (Not arguing if this is right or wrong). The problem is a sudden breaking off, after 4 decades, that's what people are afraid of. It's like a class at school, bringing in Lego bricks from home all year, to build a massive house. Then at the end one kid having a screaming tantrum that he wants his bricks back.
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    Hi SoS, DX is right - you should just ignore the demands and threats from Harlands/CRS and not reply to them at all. Harlands/CRS will see any response from you as being a good reason to keep sending you demands and threats. Ignore demands and any phone calls. Keep us posted though.
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    yes will be against the underwriters if you have no paperwork then an sar to asenden might be in order. don't just send blind PPI reclaim letters get info 1st and use the FCA PPI website fos form and a spreadsheet. type iin Norton ppi in our search CAG box of the top red toolbar and read up how to do this
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    the sooner you stop them from corresponding at all with these bandits the better as she will only drop herself in it by ciontinuing to try and sort this out when they aret interested in the truth, fairness or anything else other than her money. Respond to this and they will just change the next letter, keep quiet and they are stuffed when it comes to the next move. Sometimes though people are their own worst enemies becuase when they dotn understand somehting they think that no-one else does either so wont take advice. be prepared to walk away from this if she wont see sense.
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    Hi Simply put the following: Your Address Their Address Date: XX/XX/2019 Dear Sir/Madam Formal Complaint (this means they have to record it as such and is logged for the regulator to see on inspections) Reference: (if you have previously complained and have the refernce number etc place it here) Brief outline of the issue and I do mean a brief summary here. Due to this I require copies of the following: 1. XXXXXX Council Noise Policy (not the leaflet) 2. XXXXXX Council Anit-Social Behaviour Policy (not the leaflet) I look forward to your reply Yours Sincerely Type Your Name Here (remember in the gap above to place your signature) (Anything in RED please make sure and either amend or delete)
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    Firstly, you need to await the letter that the TOC is likely to send you, because then you will know the unique reference allocated to this report and will be certain that your response will get to the right person I have to refer to this quote from your original message: "all set...my husband told me to take his ticket. At first I said no but because I was rushing I just took the travel ticket in the end." This suggests that you were well aware that you should not use your Husband's travelcard and that it was wrong to do so. Please don't rush into trying to force the TOC to deal with this immediately, wait to see what their letter alleges and then deal with what you know, rather than trying to guess what they believe. Prepare some accurate notes of what happened to help your clear memory for response when you get the letter and need to respond. It MAY be possible to negotiate an administrative settlement once your letter arrives, but it is too early to attempt to do so before you know exactly what has been reported. A further good reason not to rush is that occasionally, inspectors may lose their notes and if that happens, it is exceedingly difficult for them to bring a prosecution Please don't worry, what has happened cannot be undone, but once you receive the letter, come back and let us knw what has been alleged by the TOC and perhaps we can help you to mitigate the effect of your actions.

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