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Upload your documents in PDF format


You have been asked to post up your documents or images in PDF format. If your document has multiple pages then you should include them all in the same PDF file.
Please name the file with something meaningful. Scan001.pdf etc is unhelpful.

Please do not upload them in JPEG/image format. They are very difficult to read.

When you prepare your documents, please make sure that they are legible, in the right order and that they are displayed the right way round.

It is not fair to people who are trying to help you to have to do try and decipher blurry documents which are not in the correct order and which have to be viewed sideways or upside down.

If you want enthusiastic support from the people on this form then please make it easier for us to help you.

Please present your documents to us in the way that you would prefer to see them if they were being sent to you.

Please make sure that you redact/hide identifiers on any document such as names, reference numbers, addresses et cetera.
It is especially difficult to read images which are simply photographs taken with the smart phone.

A proper scanner will cost you less than £50 from PC World and will last you for years and will make life much easier for you and for the people who want to help you.


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