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Engage with this thread

You have asked us for our help. Please make sure that you monitor this thread closely. You will often be surprised at how quickly a number of people respond to you and so it is worth checking back within the hour to see if somebody has provided the advice you need or is asking for further information.

We are starting to get many instances of people asking us for advice and then not coming back for one or two days or longer.

This is unhelpful to you because it tends to frustrate the enthusiasm of other people on the forum who want to give you some support.

The advice here is free – but you should take it just as seriously as if you are paying several hundreds or even thousands of pounds for it.

If you have a Hotmail or Outlook address, our notifications may be blocked and you will not receive them.
If you have a Gmail address, then our notifications may be put in your spam folder or else blocked altogether.

Please engage with this thread
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