Marc Gander - The Consumer Survival Handbook

A 220 page introduction to all things consumer related by our own BankFodder.

Includes energy companies, mobile phone providers, retailers, banks, insurance companies,debt collection agencies, reclaim companies, secondhand car sellers, cowboy garages, cowboy builders and all the rest who put their own profits before you.


Patricia Pearl - Small Claims Procedure - A Practical Guide

An excellent guide for the layperson in how to use the County Court - a must if you are intending to start a claim.

£19.99 + £1.50 (P&P)

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    Default I don't know what to do next

    I know that i am going to sound a bit thick but i am unsure what i should do next. I finally recieved a letter offering Full and finalicon payment from RBSicon. they offered 700 pounds, while my claim is for nearly 4000 pounds. so I refused it by telephone and letter. During the call the lady i spoke too said it did seem it was rather low considering the actual charges adn that she would speak to her supervisor. She then returned and offered to increase the ammount to 2300 pounds and they sent a letter out accordingly. Since then I have been ill and they have sent me someone elses statments. I got caught up in complaining about that and though i have responded to the offer of 2300 pounds I have heard nothing more from them nor have i taken the matter on to smaall claims. What should I do. I feel weak and weary just now. Besides this they have not responded with an offer on the second account. I am also wondering about the loans they got me to take out to clear my overdrafts. There are at least 2 of them, can i claim anything off those? sorry if i appear dumb. I feel it

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    Default Re: I don't know what to do next

    Even 2,300 is a poor offer. Its your money taken unlawfully from your account, and you have a legal right to claim. Start a claim on both accounts. That is the only way you are going to get a fair settlement. Conversations over the phone are very hard to prove. So cwriten contact is always better. Have a read thruogh this it will help you with your claim.Good luck.

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    Its your money taken unlawfully from your account and you have a legal right to claim it back.

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