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Thread: V Annoyed

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    Default V Annoyed

    I logged onto my account yesterday and a chq tht I had given someone had been paid account said -£101. This amount was transfered from my main account to the chq account

    Today I logged on to find out if a debit had been set find £38 charges on the chq account. I rang the bank to ask why etc the charges

    The response received not good. So I went to the bank etc and was told the following(s)

    The sufficient money was not in the account!
    The money was not in the account (a) before 9.00am the bank opens @ 9.30am. (b) the money was not in the account before 3.00pm

    Wrong on both the money was in the account well before 3.00pm......I used internet banking (best n quick transfer)....yes thn should of rang the bank to tell them what I had done! Why?

    What is the point of internet banking to transfer money instantly from one account to the other if an item is going to be returned?

    I also asked for a chq to be cancelled the other week as it had not been received and it was paid! and so was a void chq

    Also know tht a chq I did not sign (in error) was cashed with someone elses signature on it

    Anyone advise me how I can claim charges back etc

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    Your question implies you need to read the FAQs - they're really helpful on how to claim back charges.

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    have read FAQ's thnx

    dont mean much to me soz but they dont

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    Is there a point in postin messages on here if u dont get a response?

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    Tou have had a response. Go to the INdex page, double click on the line of red print. Most of your questions are answered there

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    Read the FAQ's they are helpful but you do need to be able to allocate some time to it. Also in the libraryicon there are standard letters to send to the bank etc which is really helpful. I'm rubbish at letters and think it's wonderful that all i have to do is put in my details and the rest of the letter is done for me!

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