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    Default clipperthief vs RBOS

    Hi, this is my first post, I thought I'd share this laughable response from RBOS with you all. I'd sent for my statements previously and recieved them, then put in a preliminary request for repayment and got this thru the mail this morn. It looks like an standard response to me, just wondered if anybody else has recieved the same letter?

    Note the pathetic play on words to try and put me off reclaiming what is rightfully mine. This just makes me more determined to get my money back. .....(I've edited out the predictable/boring bits...)

    Dear Mr X,

    Thank you for your letter of 18 May 2006 and I apologise for any dissatisfaction caused by the application of charges to your account.

    We believe that our charges are fair, reasonable and transparent. blah blah blah....

    The OFT is presently in contact with us and with seven other major credit card companies to discuss the level of charges on credit cards. It is important that I emphasise these discussions are limited to charges on credit cards only.

    Consequently, against that background, we must differ with the views expressed in your letter and will not be refunding any of the charges applied to your bank account.

    Again, thank you for taking the time...blah blah

    Yours sincerely

    Linda McHugh.

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    Default Re: clipperthief vs RBOS

    Pretty standard I'm afraid, on to the next stage, lbaicon, wont be long now


    If you find my post helpful please click on the scales at the top. Thank you

    Halifax Bank Claim filed and settled
    Halifax Credit Card settled
    Argos Store Card settled

    CCA requests sent to
    Halifax Credit Card
    LLoyds TSB Credit Card
    Capital One
    Moorcroft (Argos)

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    Default Re: clipperthief vs RBOS

    Virtually the same as the one I got last week but mine offered 500 in Full and finalicon settlement(I'm claiming 1100).

    NatWest - Settled in full 22/05/06

    RBS- Prelim sent 9/05/06 1,147
    500 offer 27/05/06, rejected 30/05/06
    LBA sent 25/05/06
    MCOL 15/06/06
    Defence received 20/07/06
    Settled in full 01/09/06 wahey!!!!!!!!!

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