Hello i have just recieved from Cobbetts a letter with 1. Defence and 2. Request further Information.Thay are claiming on behalf of the RBOS that they have not recieved a list of the charges for which i am claiming even though these have twice been sent to my local branch.They are saying i need to send them a list of the charges with 1,date 2,amount 3,the reason for these charges.They are also asking me to identify (a) the sections of The Unfair Cotract Terms Act 1977 (b) the regulations of The Unfair Contract Terms in Consumer Regulations 1999 and (c) the principles of common law relied upon by the claimant in alleging that the contractual provision(s)referred to are unenforceable.

Not being of a legal mind all this information they have asked for has got me baffled please help many thanks Paul.