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Thread: RBS Court Claim

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    Default RBS Court Claim

    Hi Peeps,

    Been reading these threads for ages now and they've been amazingly helpful.

    Sent my first letter to the bank in Jan and recieved standard responses so it's finally got to court stage.

    Through Money Claim Online I filed my claim late Feb and the date my claim was issued was 1st March 2007. Bank acknowledged almost straight away but, as yet, haven't filed a defence.

    From what I've read they have 28 days from claim date (1st March) to file a defense. If they don't I can file a default judgement.

    My question is: Is the 28 days "28 working days"?

    Help very much appreciated.


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    Default Re: RBS Court Claim

    no calender days. the court could hace a backlog in their post you can still ask for judgement try to give them a ring they will prob offer you a settlement via the phone.

    rbos prem letter sent 25th aug 06
    give me 10 more days letter received 2nd sept 06
    lba sent 7th sept 06
    settled in full 7/10/2006

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    Smile Re: RBS Court Claim

    Thanks very much for the response.

    I thought it would show up straight away online if they had filed a defence. I've tried to do the default judgement again today (29th) but I'm guessing that today is day 28 and I won't be able to do anything till tomorrow. You can't physically file one online until their time is up.

    I'll keep yer posted.


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