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    Arrow Advice regarding intrest on statements

    i have started working my way through all the steps so far i recieved my statements from RBSicon and have added all charges up 782

    what i am confused about (and im sorry if this is in another thread as i have trawled the site)is intrest, the intrest shown on my account for been overdrawn is that claimable also as well as charges,

    im sorry if i make no sense this is all getting rather complicated now,

    so for example my statement would show

    13th nov intrest 29th october withdrawn 9.82

    do i add all these intrest charges to my schedule and class them as charges,

    and if so what is daily intrest and the 8% and the spredsheets come into everything

    sorry for been a noob on this but hope you can all help me

    much obliged scott

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    Default Re: Advice regarding intrest on statements

    The interest you have been charged when overdrawn IS claimable, but only the interest charged against your charges (if you get what I mean)

    There's a spreadsheet that works it all out for you - have a look in the documents section.

    Daily interest (or 8% interest) is what you can claim once you file in court (if you have to ) against your bank. The spreadsheet works this out for you too.

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    Statements received 10/02/07

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    Exclamation Re: Advice regarding intrest on statements

    thank you essix however i am still confused

    i have a total of 782 pounds of charges ranging over 3 years with the royal Bank of Scotlandicon,

    now i understand i dont claim for the 8% extra unless i win in court,
    but what confuses me is how do i work out how much intrest they took from me regarding my charges

    do i need to know the RBSicon unauthorised borrowing rate? and work it out that way, ive looked at the spreadsheets and just getting bogged off with it all, how would i look if i just claimed for the charges no intrest just charges

    my account in 500 pounds in the red you see and they owe me nearly 800, i just want the account wiped so thats one debt less to worry about, anything extra would be a bonus, please everyone help me if possible,

    i have my preliminary letter ready to print just totally lost now,

    many thanks scott

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    Default Re: Advice regarding intrest on statements

    You need one of the more complex spreadsheets which lists charges down left column and interest down right column. Calculations on the spreadsheet do it all for you, but you need to enter correct information. Mindzai's spreadsheet is highly affective for this. Link to it in my post here which should also give you some help in filling it out.

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