I'm a little confused over what is actually going on with regard to my case at the moment and any advise would be most welcome.

I lodged my claim using MCOL back in Nov 06, the case was then transfurred to my local CC in Dec 06, where i filed my Allocation Questionaire. Following this and me paying my fees to the court - i recived a General Form of Judgment or Order, telling me that the case has now been moved (once again) to The Royal Courts of Justice in the Strand, London.

Is this normall practice by the courts?
Anyone know why they would have moved the case?
Are thay going to make me pay more Court fees?!?!

Below an outline of the case so far.

17/11/06 - started claim using MCOL
22/12/06 - Case Transfured to Local CC (Bromley CC)
19/1/07 - 850 Offer recieved by Cobbetts. I Rejected (claiming 1313 + fees)
21/1/07 - Allocation Q filed and fees paid.
2/2/07 - General Form of Judgment or Order recieved, notifying me that the case is to be moved to Royal Courts of Justice in London.



Sorry about the spelling!

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