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Thread: pollymac v HBoS

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    Default pollymac v HBoS

    First post and in need of some help so here goes...
    1. Thanks to maroondevo52
    2. Can I claim back the maintenance charges applied at the end of a month where I've been overdrawn. I stress - these are only ever applied if i've had an unauthorised overdraw during the month.
    3. My claim's going to be c. 3000 and have no friend/relative in England so can't use the small claimsicon court there. Anyone had any luck with multiple small claimsicon or 750-1500 claims in Scotland?
    4. I don't want to go through the hassle of changing a/c- would it be worthwhile informing the bank of a recent ruling regarding any threatened closure of my a/c, or should that wait until they actually threaten to do it?
    Oh, and btw, regarding S.A.R - (Subject access requesticon)'s, I went in to the bank and handed mine to my account manager with the 5 they charge. Nice glaring look I received for my troubles. In response, she received the broad beaming smile one can only produce in the knowledge that the wee guy's about to get one over on the bank.

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    Default Re: pollymac v HBoS

    Hi, Pollymac.

    I'm still not sure about the maintenance charge, but my first claim against BOS was small claimicon(750) well 720 plus 200 odd interest plus my 39.00 court fee.They payed me in full on my Court Return Date. I've just served a Summary Cause against them (up to 1,500) due in court early March, I'll let you know how I get on. I think you should open another account, I was with BOS for 20 odd years untill my first claim and yes they asked me to close it and cut up my Visa Card !!

    Best wishes with your claim.



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