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    Lightbulb DJ Vs RBS (MINT) - Your Thoughts?

    Evening All,

    Okay your thoughts on this would be great. On the 24/01/07 I sent an S.A.R to MINT via Recorded delivery, this was received by there office in South end on Sea on the 25/01/07.

    Now the interesting part. This morning I woke to find two letters at my door (both from the same DCAicon), the first one says that as from the 25/1/07 my RBSicon (Credit Card) account was transfered to xxx DCA.

    The second letter then asks for my repayment proposal.

    Basically is this MINT's way of getting out of sending me the S.A.R? Should I now direct an S.A.R to the DCA?


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    Default Re: DJ Vs RBS (MINT) - Your Thoughts?


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    Default Re: DJ Vs RBS (MINT) - Your Thoughts?


    I had similar query with 2 of my accounts (Creation & Capital 1) I'm not sure whether I've done the right thing but I sent my S.A.R & 10 cheque directly to the Creditor but also sent a copy of the request with a covering letter to the DCAicon's. With 1 account I've also told the DCA that I'm reducing my repayments to a minimal amount as I'm pretty sure when I have all the info the charges will be more than the outstanding debt!!

    Like I say not sure whether this is right & haven't had a response from either yet although 40 days are up next week. Hopefully a site helper or mod will 'drop by' with more advice for you. Whoever you decide to send it to make sure you send it registered or recorded delivery.

    Hope this helps. Will be posting a Mint thread myself soon as just getting to MCOL stage!

    Villafan.....a very happy Villafan today!!

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    Default Re: DJ Vs RBS (MINT) - Your Thoughts?

    Thanks Villafan,

    I received a lettericon saturday morning from MINT, saying that they will provide me with the data requested within the timescales set! will keep you updated.

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