Marc Gander - The Consumer Survival Handbook

A 220 page introduction to all things consumer related by our own BankFodder.

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Patricia Pearl - Small Claims Procedure - A Practical Guide

An excellent guide for the layperson in how to use the County Court - a must if you are intending to start a claim.

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Thread: Bankboy vs RBS

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    Default Bankboy vs RBS

    Hi to all in RBSicon forum
    This is my first post 'tho I've been trawling through the forums for some days now and it's really time to start the ball rolling...


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    Default Re: Bankboy vs RBS


    You can try Mindzai's spreadsheet to calculate your compound interest and select the compound interest daily rate tab. It's dead simple to insert and understand but if you have any probs, loadsa people are here to help. Good luck!

    Do a search on this board for the spreadsheet or maybe some kind soul will send you the link - as i'm crap at doing stuff like that.

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    Thanks Marcelle I've been looking for Mindzai's spreadsheet to no avail. However, I discovered the answer to my question (p.40 "spreadsheet with interest" thread) - the formulas are not copied from google spreads to excel when you import. Best to calculate online then import to excel only for printing!!!!

    Over hurdle 1!!!

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