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    Default Paperdos v Nationwide

    Hi, i'm new to the site. I visited a debt advisor with the Citizens' Advice Bureau & i was complaining about the amount of bank charges that Nationwide have been taking from my account. She recommended i search the internet for a site that can advise how to reclaim those bank charges.
    Well, i think i've found it! here.
    I've moved to the halifaxicon so that Nationwide can't take anymore money from me. I've got a young family & on benefits so i really can't afford it. I'm no angel with Direct Debits i admit it, but at the same time these companies, Sky Digital, car insurance etc, they never take them on the date they specify. I find that so annoying. If i could do everything without using Direct Debits & just pay cash i would much prefer that, but it's not possible, i don't have the funds for that, i wish!.

    Anyway, wish me luck in getting these charges back. I'm not sure exactly the total amount they owe me so i'll need to send a Subject access requesticon letter to find out.


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    ian cognito

    Default Re: On Benefits, Citizens' Advice Bureau recommended claiming back unfair bank charge

    Welcome, yes you've come to the right place. Many people on here have the same problem with DDicon's and dates but you can make these payments by standing order so they will only go out on the day you want them too or by internet banking so that you pay them when you know you have the money in the bank to cover the payments, but you must be disciplined so you don't end up having problems with creditors too!!!

    There is quite a bit of helpful advice on here about benefits and bank charges but I'll leave that one for someone experienced in these issues.

    Send off your SARicon then spend the time waiting for your statments by doing plenty of reading of the FAQ's and the Nationwide threads. The Nationwide success forums will give you some idea of the process and the confidence to get your charges back.

    Good luck.

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    Default Re: On Benefits, Citizens' Advice Bureau recommended claiming back unfair bank charge

    This is what pees me off the most about the Bank Charges, that they take the most from those who can least afford it.

    My neighbour, a single mother with two daughters, (husband left her years ago) was being charged 500 a month when she came to me crying her heart out and under threat of eviction for Rent arrears. (The Rent is about 350 a month). So far I have managed to recover about 1500 for her and am still pursuing another 3000.

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    Default Re: On Benefits, Citizens' Advice Bureau recommended claiming back unfair bank charge

    Yep, i know what you're saying. I've been on incapacity for over 2 years now with numerous conditions, also on Disability Living Allowance, my husband is my carer, so he gets carer's allowance & we've got a 3 year old toddler. Money is extremely tight, our rent is 530 a month, we just got 300 bank charges this month alone, 250 last month, it's daylight robbery. In November Tax Credits stopped as apparantly we've been overpaidicon! I really don't understand their system so i can't even say, well no i haven't because they change the criteria so often it's hard to keep up.

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    Default Re: On Benefits, Citizens' Advice Bureau recommended claiming back unfair bank charge

    Hi Paperdos --- first of all, good luck. Stick with these tried and tested methods and you WILL get your charges back. Everyone on the site will be with you, you've only to shout if you get stuck. Best wishes. jaxads xx

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    Default Re: On Benefits, Citizens' Advice Bureau recommended claiming back unfair bank charge

    hi there Paperdos
    seems our situations are very similar
    CAGicon is certainly the right place to be
    huggles (cos thats what trolls do best)

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    Default Re: Paperdos v Nationwide

    Welcome to the site.
    I have moved your thread here into Nationwide.
    Keep it updated as you progress and feel free to ask,should you have further questions.

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