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    Cool Can i claim for the interest from Loan

    Can anyone help.
    I had 2770 of charges from The Royal Bank of Scotlandicon and they offered a loan at a very high Apr to pay off these charges.
    I was successful in claiming charges back and would not of had this loan if it were not for the bank charges.
    My question to anyone is,
    1. Can i claim back the interest for the loan which i feel was forced upon me?
    2. If so how do i go about it and how do i put it in writing so that they will stand up and listen?
    3. Is there some kind of act or law which i can quote at them to assist me with this?
    4. Do i need to go to court over this and if so would i have a chance of winning?
    I have tried speaking to someone at the bank but all i get from them is, "you were offered the loan and you accepted it". It did not matter to them that it was down to there charges that forced me into a corner to have it otherwise my wages, which went into the same account would have been swallowed up by them from the account where the charges were.
    The staff are so annoying and seem now to be even more uncaring then before i claimed back my bank charges.
    Please can anyone help and if so put a basic letter together for me to copy, on how to get the interest back.

    Thanks to anyone who can help me with this matter. I will be in your debt forever. Debt of "LOVE"


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    Unhappy Re: Un-wanted loan forced by charges.

    Please read above thread thanks. Meant to put that title as my heading.
    Sorry folks.

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    Default Re: Can i claim for the interest from Loan

    I did ask this question previously but I couldn't progress with it because the answer didn't help me. The answer was:

    Yes you can and there is a case for doing so, providing that the sole reason for the loan was for bank charges ie the 2770 was made up solely of bank charges.

    Mine wasn't so didn't progress it. Can't answer your other questions as a result, but can't see why you can't use the same process as you have done to get your charges back.

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    Default Re: Can i claim for the interest from Loan

    You can claim the proportion of the interest on the loan that related to bank charges - ie if loan is 10k and 5k of that is charges then you can claim bacl 50% of the interest charged. I have a claim in for just this with Nat West and they have applied to strike out that part of my claim. I am in court on 22/02 with this.

    Story here -

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    Talking Re: Can i claim for the interest from Loan


    Thank-you for your help and everyone else who replied. I will be watching your case and hope you are successful. Good luck.

    They only gave me this loan to pay off the charges because i was refused a loan every time in the past. Thats why also the loan is from another section of there bank where the loan is at a very high APR.
    After they took the charges from my current account they then closed that account, took my cheque book and debit card back and left me only the use of the Royalties Gold account. They left me with only a basic bank card which could only be used to take money out of the hole in the wall.
    I have e-mailed Tommy Mclean and written to him to give him the chance to return my interest along with 38.00 which they have just charged me over Xmas because of this unwanted loan.
    This is his e-mail address in case you need it
    Another e-mail address i have if you need it is
    I got these e-mail addressess from this site.
    Once again good luck with your claim and i watch with great interest.
    If you would like to update me personally by e-mail i would be most grateful. My e-mail address is .uk

    Cheers gerarddobbin

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