Had a letter from Tommy Mc with an offer of the exact amount of our overdraft circa 4k this was rejected as the total amount of charges to date amount to more than 7K+ excluding interest.This should double with contractual interest.
We have sent a lbaicon, which is due to expire soon. In the mean time Aileen Drumond "account manager" has sent a default notice,we replied with a section 10 Data protection notice which she has refused to accept.
Should we take this to the data protection agency,court order or both?
Hopefully our claim in the courts should be underway before their 28 day
deadline comes up so we could make this a condition of settlement.
Another interesting thread is that I originally banked with Williams&Glyns
before it was taken over by RBSicon. I don't recall having filled in any forms to change the terms and conditions. Might this have contractual implications? and should I ask the RBS shower for a copy if it exits?
Any comments and advice greatly appreciated.

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