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    Default Mbdiss v RBS/CMS advice please

    Hi I could do with some advice on this not sure how to respond to BRS/CMS letter.

    Thank you for your patience whilst I have been investigating your concern. thats waht you think

    I understand that your concern relates to the Bank writing to you after being advised the matter was closed. not sure you do but nice try anyway

    Firstly, may I say that I was sorry to hear of your dissatisfaction with the Bank. We endeavour to maintain a high standard of customer service so, naturally, I was disappointed to learn that you believed that those standards have not been met on this occasion. b****s you our.

    Having reviewed our records, I can see a Full and finalicon settlement of £********* was credited to your account on 17 November 2006. The remaining liability on the account has since been written off and the account should have been closed. you thinks

    Regrettably, your account has remained open and due to an oversight by the Bank, we have continued to write to you. You don't say why do you think i wrote to you muppet

    I would like to apologise on the Bankís behalf for your account not being closed as promptly as you would have liked. I have arranged for your account to be closed urgently. should have be done in november 06

    I am also sorry for the Bank writing to you on 15th December 2006.

    As I can see from our records, my colleague has sent you a Discharge letter on 5 January 2007. We will not be contacting you again regarding this matter. ( just try it) Your credit file will indicate that this account has been partially satisfied.

    I am sorry for the confusion and inconvenience caused. you soon will be

    I hope that you are happy with my explanation of events, however if you would like to discuss matters, please call me on 01952 206063. Naturally, I will do my best to resolve your concern, however, if after 12 February 2007 you are not satisfied with my account of events or my proposal for resolution then you can ask the Financial Ombudsmanicon Service to look at your case. I have enclosed a copy of the Financial Ombudsman leaflet, which details how you can get in touch with them.

    If after that date I have not heard from you then I will close our case presuming that you are entirely satisfied.

    The main issue here is the fact that they are saying they will show that the loan account as partially satisfied. Which I think is misleading also this account was original discharged on the 6th November and is what they wanted as full & final settlement. the above letter is dated 9th jan.

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    Default Re: Mbdiss v RBS/CMS advice please

    They havenít wasted any time in putting it on my credit file just checked and it on now. Not happy

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    Default Re: Mbdiss v RBS/CMS advice please


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    Default Re: Mbdiss v RBS/CMS advice please

    First of all they say the debt was written off , then they say they made a C*** *p and left it open, then they say your credit file will show partially satisfied.....They must be joking

    Principle 2 of the Banking Codeicon Standards Board states
    "A Bank must organise its internal affairs and management systems with skill, due care and dilligence"
    Principle 9 states
    "It must organise and control, conduct and manage its affairs in a professional manner"

    In their own admission in that letter they have breached these two principles and ADMITTED it.

    write and tell them this and say in your view and their own admission they are guilty of professional negligence.


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    Default Re: Mbdiss v RBS/CMS advice please

    hummm now theres food for thought will look in to this and see where i can take it. thanks very much. if you have any more ideas please post them or anyone for tha matter

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    Default Re: Mbdiss v RBS/CMS advice please

    a little bit more

    Because the RBOS are subscribers to the BCSB code of principles they are aslo incorporated into their own Banking Codeicon of principles


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    Default Re: Mbdiss v RBS/CMS advice please

    this is the reply i have come up with do it look ok. any thourghts?

    Dear Mr ********

    I thank you for your letter dated 9th January 2007. While I may satisfied that you have now ensured the account referred to in my letter dated 4th January 2007 has now be closed.

    However I still remain dissatisfied with the manner that the Royal Bank of Scotland and Credit Management Services have dealt with whole matter. By your own admissions you are guilty of professional negligence. As Principle 2 of the Banking Codeicon standards Board states, “ A bank must organise and control its internal affairs and management systems with skill, due care and diligence.” I feel that the RBSicon and CMS have completely disregarded this principle in this case.
    Also in Principle 9 of the same code it states “It must organise and control, conduct and manage its affairs in a professional manner.” Which again I feel that BRS and CMS have completely disregarded.

    In your letter you state that you will show the account as “partially satisfied.” Which I am extremely unhappy with. The settlement figure for this account was set by your selves and was paid in full. I feel that your comments on my credit file and showing the account as partially satified are misleading and aimed at harming me financially in the future. I therefore request that remove all comments and change your entry on my credit file to show “settled” as I feel this is a fair representation of the facts of this case.

    If we are not able to come to a mutual agreement on this matter then I shall take this matter further.

    I hope this clarifies my Position.

    Yours sincerely


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