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    Default Martynh99 v One Account (RBOS)

    I have a One Account that is owned by the RBOS.

    On the 20th December, I put a forward payment into the account via online banking to make a payment to Capital One to arrive on the 2nd Jan 2007. I specified the date for the payment to arrive at Capital One, not a date to leave.

    The payment left my account on the 29th Dec and arrived in Capital One on the 3rd Jan 2007, this has now incurred a 12 charge on the Capital One account.

    I have explained this to the One Account and they say 'In relation to your recent transaction to Capital One I can confirm that on the reverse of your bill it does state that you need to allow five working days for the payment to be received. You will need to send the funds to arrive five working days before the payment is due to ensure you do not receive a late payment charge. Please contact Capital One and explain the situation and ask them if they would re-imburse your account with the charge.'

    I have made it clear that if I make a forward payment stating that the payment should arrive at the recipients account on the 2nd Jan 2007 then they are ultimately responsible for ensuring it arrives in good time and that if they do not re-imburse me, I will pursue this via the small claimsicon Court

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    Default Re: Martynh99 v One Account (RBOS)

    I think you will have little chance of success in getting RBOS to reimburse another banks penalty charges. However, whether the payment was late or not, it is Capital One who have levied the unlawful penalty charge. I think you should contact Capital One to get the charge back and if they refuse, take appropriate action.

    Dont want to seem negative, just giving my honest opinion of the easiest way to get your 12 back.

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    Default Re: Martynh99 v One Account (RBOS)

    Stansfield5131 - Thanks for the feedback, on reflection i'm going to attack this from both sides. The One Account was easiest as they have a contact us facility in their online banking.

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    Default Re: Martynh99 v One Account (RBOS)

    Marty, they will fight this tooth and nail and it will be really difficult for you to prove what was actually said in the phone callicon. Your best chance is with Capital One.

    Just hoping to make your life a little stress free

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    Default Re: Martynh99 v One Account (RBOS)

    Beauty of it is the transaction was done on line so I have the proof of the transaction I made. I also have the benefit of working for one of the banks(in IT, CAGicon are aware) and have worked on the transfer systems so have an idea of how they work.

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    Default Re: Martynh99 v One Account (RBOS)

    Good luck Mart. Keep us posted.

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    Default Re: Martynh99 v One Account (RBOS)

    Had a letter today from One Account - saying they're looking into this and have ordered a CICS report showing what I did online on my account on the 20th December and that they will get back to me by the 24th January.

    Seems they may be taking me seriously now.

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    Default Re: Martynh99 v One Account (RBOS)

    Had another letter today - they're refunding it !

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