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Thread: Mint Claims

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    Default Mint Claims

    Just curious to know how people have got on claiming for charges on their MINT credit card. Mine total about 650 over the past six years. Mainly for late payment and the rest for over limit.

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    Default Re: Mint Claims

    This may be because the company is not as popular as Barclaycard and other big names. However, the same principle applies because it is a financial services company like banks.

    Step-by-step instructions

    Good luck

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    Hi Fedupwithmybank,

    I calimed on behalf of my wife for mint charges, we claimed for 197.00 and they settled in full. They sent me a preliminary offer which didn't include any charges after they had reduced them to 12, I rejected it and they settled in full a few days later.

    So go for it. Good luck

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    that's really good to know - thanks!
    Did you still have a balance with them when
    you claimed? I have and I'm interested to know
    if they try to demand repayment and shut
    the account.

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    Default Re: Mint Claims

    No I'd paid it off before I started the claim (ironically with the charges I'd reclaimed from Natwest!)

    However I also am in the process of claiming from an abbey card, and although they haven't specifically threatened to close the acount they did infer that they would if I did not continue to operate within their terms.

    What I did was went for the biggie 1st which was my current account, cleared all my cards with the money I got from that and then went after the credit card charges. I had peace of mind then that they couldn't start demanding full settlement etc.

    hope this Helps.

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