Please be aware that having complained to RBoS about charges and asking nicely to have them returned or even partially returned I was told in very short order that it was in the terms and conditions, I therefore wrote to them using my telephone callicon as a reference and also sent the S.A.R. (21st Dec).

On 29th of Dec I received a lettericon from the Consumer Relations Unit signed by "Jonathan Beckett" saying sorry unable to resolve complaint I have ordered duplicate statements covering the period which you will receive shortly, these will be provided free of charge.

On the 3rd of January they bounced another two DDicon's saying that the cheque I had paid in would not be available as cleared funds until the end of that working day, however I had already made a withdrawl of some of the cheques funds from a cashpoint machine earlier that day. I complained again and have today received exacltly the same letter from the same person.

Whilst the S.A.R. expiry date is 31st January I realise there is little I can do before then. but it may be of interest to you and an earlier thread that in the Data Protection Act 1998 Chapter 16
16. - (1) In this Part "the registrable particulars", in relation to a data controller, means-
  • (a) his name and address,
  • (b) if he has nominated a representative for the purposes of this Act, the name and address of the representative,

Therefore under this part of the act we should also be able to apply to RBoS for this information to go with any complaints that they are not providing the information correctly and then Judge Forrester would have been able to order the inprisonment of the data controller which might just focus the attention of the banks.

I hope this may help someone.

My only regret at this stage is that I work abroad on a 28 day rotation and will not be in the UK from next Sunday so I will not know if they have delivered the information I have requested or complied with the S.A.R. until I get back.

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