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Thread: Juls1522 v Bos

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    Smile Hello - first post.


    Just want to say hi to everyone. Just finding my way around the site. I'm going to be claiming bank charges from the BOS on my OH's bank account.

    Just a quick question, if anyone can help. We have put my name on my OH's account, so it is now a joint account, we only did this a couple of months ago. So when claiming bank charges, do I do this in his name only or both our names?

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    Default Re: Hello - first post.

    Hi welcome to the site.....theres a first time for everything.Read all you can in the forums and the faqs.
    Theres lots of things in the BOS threads that will assist you.
    Yes you will need too claim both names if a joint account this should not prevent you with problems.
    I will move this post for you into the BOS threads .

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    Default Re: Juls1522 v Bos

    Thanks. I wasn't sure as my name has only been on the account for a couple of months.

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