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Patricia Pearl - Small Claims Procedure - A Practical Guide

An excellent guide for the layperson in how to use the County Court - a must if you are intending to start a claim.

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    Default PLEASE ADVISE Scottish Court Law (750)

    Hi, Please be patient with me, i am new
    I live in scotland and am owed 1700 inc of interest @ 8%
    how should i pursue this
    should i raise three court actions to recover my money say for
    sept01-sept-03 600
    octo3-sept 05 500
    oct05 -present day 600
    or should i just claim for it all in a oner
    please advise

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    Default Re: PLEASE ADVISE Scottish Court Law (750)

    Hi, and welcome to the site.
    You can claim between 750(small claimsicon) and 1,500(Summary Cause)
    Both will cost you 39 at the Sheriff Court. If you go down the small claimsicon route once you hand in your paper work the court do the rest for you. If you use Summary Cause the court will return the paperwork to you and you will have to get a Lawyer or Sheriff's officer to serve your claim. I believe they can charge between 15 and about 50. If you were to loose your claim it would only cost you 39 court fee using Small Claims, but I believe if you were to loose using summary cause it could cost you up into the high hundreds. Both claim forms are almost identical. I,ve been using the Small Claims route just to save the hasstle of paying a lawyer. When I say if you loose, you would have to be very very unlucky as I don't think anyone has lost yet. The bank of scotland have just informed me they are giving me 30 days notice to close my account.(nice people!)

    Best wishes with your claim.
    Hope Iv'e helped a little.


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