Just thought I'd join in with my own thread and let everyone know how I'm getting on with my fight to get my money back.

I've two credit card accounts which I am claiming charges etc back on.

Tesco - テつ」200.19

Same timetable as below. Not surprisingly same letters received from the same people. Tesco offered goodwill paymenticon of テつ」64.00. Now been put on the two week delay as per information below. They still owe me テつ」136.19 and I am going to get it!

Mint テつ」124.23

Mint - sent first lbaicon letter on 25 October. Letter received 6 November advising me that they were reviewing the issue and would contact me again in two weeks time. Letter received 10 November offering me テつ」54.23 (refunding me the テつ」8 difference between the テつ」12, which they think is legally acceptable to charge me, and the テつ」20 that I was charged) they also refunded me the interest charged. Sent second lbaicon letter dated 21 November to Hilary Thompson (Senior Customer Advisor) saying thank you for my partial goodwill paymenticon but I want the other テつ」70.60 that you owe me. Just received the standard delaying letter dated 24 November from Rebecca Head (Senior Customer Advisor) saying that they will get back to me in two weeks time. I'm a bit tired of this and would like to get this sorted out before Christmas so I am going to give them a ring - as anyone dealt with this department or this particular person and had any luck sorting out a full settlement.

Rebecca Head
Senior Customer Advisor
Customer Contact Centre
Customer Service
PO Box 6050
Southend on Sea SS99 1WL

Any ideas on how to tackle the time delaying little bastards????

Hopping Mad Bunnykins321

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