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    Default X4L/CRS/Harlands - Help!

    Good Evening Everyone!

    Another Harlandsicon post unfortunately, I've had a good read through and followed some of the advice and am now at the next step and wondering what is my best course of action, Let me start with the background.

    I signed up to a rolling contract with E4L in Milton Keynes, I had used the gymicon over the months but unfortunately suffered a quite catastrophic knee failure that has made even a daily dog walk a chore (Joys of getting old I guess!). Because of this I cancelled my E4L DDicon thinking it was the best way to cancel (My fault, Should have checked the T&C's). I received an email but truth be told I thought it was a cancellation email and ignored it...

    On the 27th of December I received an email confirming that because I failed to rectify the situation they had added fee's on and I owed them 36.99 and if I didn't call them before 16th of January.

    I called them on the 15th of January to discuss this (I recorded this mainly because I always worry about situations like this!). I apologised and offered to pay two months to bring the account up to date, would continue my membership as normal.. I got told basically to pay the fee's and deal with it.... Nice!

    I then received a further email on the 23rd of January now saying because I hadn't called them I now owe them 73.98 and had to call them by 7/2/19.

    I've followed the advice here and sent them a written letter offering to pay what I owe less the fee's to cancel my account etc etc, I have proof of posting and tracking number for this. After this I've received two emails, the first being an Email from CRS saying I owe them 107. The second is an email from Harlands which is the following:

    Thank you for your recent letter.

    We can confirm all cancellations are dealt with online via an online cancellation form, this can be found on the Xercise 4 Less App or use the following link for the Xercise 4 Less website cancellation form:
    (Removed due to forum rules)

    You will need your W reference number which is W14960979 and then you need to input the branch that you use and your Date of Birth.

    Please note, to enable you to complete the form, your payments must be up to date and you must have an active direct debiticon in place, if your direct debit is cancelled and/ or you're in arrears please use the following link to reinstate and/ or make a catch up payment:
    (Removed due to forum rules)

    Once completed you will receive a confirmation of cancellation receipt.

    Your membership is currently in arrears for missed payments and therefore charges have been applied. These charges have been applied correctly under the terms and conditions you agreed to during your sign up. These arrears will need to be cleared for you to be able to complete the online cancellation form.

    If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    I'm not sure what to do now going forward, Surely its not possible for them to continue charging me on the basis that unless I pay my fee's I cannot cancel my contract?

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    Default Re: X4L/CRS/Harlands - Help!

    ignore them now
    block and bounce back all emails.
    nothing they can do to you.


    it makes a thread twice as long to scroll data download times and costs
    If you want advice please PM me a link to your thread. PM advice is not allowed!!
    RIP Martin3030


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    Default Re: X4L/CRS/Harlands - Help!

    Hi DarkP and welcome to CAG

    In para 4 of your post above, you say you called "them" which I assume was Harlandsicon/CRS. All the threads here suggest you always avoid calling them. At least you recorded the calls but, in future, never call Harlands/CRS for any reason - it will never do you any good.

    You were right to offer to pay the gymicon fees but not the adminicon fees.

    They failed to accept the offer so now you just ignore them and their begging letters. By wanting to charge you the adminicon fees, they've shown they can't be trusted, hence you were right to cancel the DDicon immediately.

    Keep a log of all forms of contact from them in case you need to complain of harassment by stay OFF the phone completely.

    Keep us updated please.

    We could do with some help from you


    Please give something if you can. We all give our time free of charge but the site has bills to pay.

    Thanks !

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