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    Default Help - caught

    today i got caught stealing a trouser from primark.

    The security man took me to the room in the back and took my ID and wrote down my details.

    I gave him my address but a wrong apartment number.
    The security man said that I will get a fine(didnít mention from who I will get it) and I have to pay it otherwise the police will come and take me to the police station and Iíve to give an interview.

    is that true ?
    What will happen?
    Should I tell the apartment to give me that letter if they get it?


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    Default Re: Help - caught

    I suggest you use the red top toolbar and its search CAGicon box.

    should do.

    security should not be threatening you with a fine
    are you sure they used that word?

    only the police and courts can fine you, and as the police were not involve
    all you'll get is scary letters from the likes of RLPicon which can be totally ignored.

    just don't go in that store for awhile.

    have a read up
    you'll soon get the idea

    if this is a reoccurring habit, it wouldn't hurt to have a chat with your GP.

    thread title updated for better clarity of your issue


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    Default Re: Help - caught


    Thank u really much for the reply. Yes the security said that a company will send me a fine and if I donít pay it they will get in contact with the police and send the police... I have given the wrong apartment number, so will they find my apartment somehow?

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    Default Re: Help - caught

    Nothing will happen. The guard is lying. There is no fine, and no police will come if you dont pay them. Move on with your life and dont steal again.

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    Default Re: Help - caught

    RLPicon cannot 'sent the police'

    again this is primark
    and shows the need for retraining of their security staff
    be them franchised or in house

    nothing like that can never happen.
    p'haps they get a backhander from RLPicon if they say that
    cause if you did pay them it would be free money that most certainly no retailer that employs them ever sees a penny get back to them.

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    Default Re: Help - caught

    Hi and welcome to CAGicon

    It really annoys me when security use threats such as these to scare people. While it is obviously wrong to steal, this should not be compounded by incorrect information.

    You will get a few letters from RLPicon but as you didn't give the correct apartment number, someone else will get them and maybe pass them on to you.

    These letters will make claims that they 'may' do this or 'might' do that. None of which are true. Only Primark can take action but they don't bother as it is not cost effective to do so

    If you do get the letters passed on to you, let us see a redacted version of the letter to confirm that it is one we have seen before but most importantly, IGNORE RLPicon!

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