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Thread: Liability Order

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    Hi Guys,

    Wondering if I can find out if I have a Liability order. I left the UK 8 years ago and I am planning to return. I did have a dispute with the Council at the time of departure. As far as I understand it, the LO does not appear on the credit file. Is there another way of finding out. I really to not to get into a phone conversation again with the council after all these years. Thanks

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    LO do not appear on your Credit File at all. The only real definitive way to find out is to speak to the Council. Or come back take the chance and hope at some stage in the future the Bailiff doesn't come knocking.

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    Mmm. Thanks Ploddertom. Guess I will bite the bullet and phone the Council. If it was passed to the Bailiff, after 8 years I guess I might be in trouble. Do they keep the case file that long? Charges........? Perhaps I do not want to know the answer! Thanks anyway.

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    Just so that you are aware - providing a Liability Order is obtained within 6 years of it becoming due then it never becomes statute barredicon and there is the odd instance of LO's from the 1990s still being chased now. As Councils look for more money hey do turn to historic debts to see if they can get a result. Of course if you are returning to the same area it would make their job easier to find you whereas if you moved away then it would become a little harder but as you would have to register for both Council Tax and/or Electoral Roll it would only be a matter of time.

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