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    Default Old quick quid debt 2012 now with PRA

    I had a quickquid loan back in 2012 didnít end up paying it back. It doesnít show on my credit file. Quickquid sold it in 2013.

    Itís currently with PRA group who chase me for it sometimes.

    Now I was on a payment plan with payplan with last payment being in July 14. I asked payplan for records of who I was paying and I cant see anyone listed as quick quid theres one on there called Mackenzie Hall and cash window there the only ones I cant remember or are not sure who I might have been paying,

    Iím worried PRA might go to court before this is potentially stat barred(if I did make a payment in July 14)

    Do you think I should do anything, my last payment to quickquid would have been in 2012 so its stat barred if thatís the case, itís just whether I did pay anything with payplan and itís gone to a random debt collected.

    Do you think I should be proactive and get an IRL complaint in or not do anything?

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    Default Re: Old quick quid debt 2012 now with PRA

    Forgot to say if i get an IRL complaint in i assume that would reset the stat barred clock

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    Default Re: Old quick quid debt 2012 now with PRA

    any help guys

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    Default Re: Old quick quid debt 2012 now with PRA

    can anyone help please?

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    Default Re: Old quick quid debt 2012 now with PRA

    Quickquid trade under Casheuronets and Mackexnzie Hall would have been the DCAicon for your loan.

    Sadly if you were paying payplan for this debt, the limitations would run from the date you last made a payment to payplan, so it would be from July 2014.

    If you make an IRL claim it shouldn't reset anything unless I'm mistaken, unless it resets the clock by acknowledging the debt. Either way it's got to be easier to make an IRL claim, potentially get some defaults removed and wipe a big chunk of the debt out. At that point you should be able to challenge the enforceability of the debt if it ever went anywhere.

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    Default Re: Old quick quid debt 2012 now with PRA

    all i have had from PRA is a statement of account recently. i believe they leave me voicemails occasionally but i've got them blocked. if quick quid decide it was irresponsible i guess they could end up buying the debt back and then i have to pay it.

    is it worth not doing anything for the time being or shall i get the irl complaint in>?

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