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    Default Used car windscreen chip


    2 weeks ago I bought a used car and all looked good. This weekend, after washing it and driving home we noticed a chip in the drivers view on the windscreen that was not visible before.

    Thinking this must have been caused by a stone on the way home we called AutoWindsreens out. However, the technician advised that it was in fact an old repair and there was nothing more that could be done to make it look any better. He did say that it was structurally sound.

    As this must have been present at time of purchase, albeit not visible (not sure if the autoglym products the dealer applied to the windows could have hidden the damage?) do we have any rights to get the dealer to replace the screen?

    Thank you

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    Default Re: Used car windscreen chip

    I would say that if the damage has not affected the structural integrity of the windscreen and if it has not rendered the vehicle dangerous, then there is nothing you can do about it. You have bought a second-hand vehicle with all of the characteristics/qualities of a second-hand vehicle


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    Default Re: Used car windscreen chip

    Small defects are to be expected on a used vehicle.
    It's not going to crack, so you just have to live with it and if one day the screen cracked, then you have windscreen cover on your insurance.

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    Default Re: Used car windscreen chip

    Thank you both. I thought that would be the case.

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    Default Re: Used car windscreen chip

    Quote Originally Posted by BlueDinosaur View Post
    Thank you both. I thought that would be the case.
    You may have something there re windscreen cleaning products. I have exactly the same problem

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    Default Re: Used car windscreen chip

    I would get one of these repair kits off Amazonicon :-

    I had numerous very small chips which would glint when the sun caught them. I wasn't very hopeful given the price but it worked really well and now they can hardly be seen.

    Took a long time to come all the way from China but I will get another one when the filler runs out.


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