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    Default 4yrs old BT broadband debt sold to Lowell


    I have received a lettericon dated 21/12/18 from Lowell Solicitors regarding a 12 month contract I entered into with BT PLC 30/08/14.
    I believe the contract was entered into over the phone.

    As far as I remember I made regular payments and gave 30 days notice over that I did not want to roll on to a month to month contract as stipulated by them over the phone towards the end of the contract. I was a student in university at the time.

    The debt stated as owed to Lowell is for 288.31 due to me not making agreed payments to BT PLC and was purchased in 15/09/17.
    I queried this with them over the phone and they stated that it was for air time and an early cancellation fee.

    My issue is that I was told I would not face an early termination fee to the best of my knowledge and that I made regular payments as well as at no time was my service terminated.
    Lowell stated on the phone there was no obligation for them to provide any kind of evidence and could only offer options as well as no legal advice.

    The letter from Lowell Solicitors states I must respond within 30 days to prevent a court claim being filed and a potential CCJ being issued against me.
    This could seriously hurt my career as I work for a bank and upon taking my current job ( A promotion ) was investigated for any CCJ's I might have against me of which I had none.

    I have contacted BT PLC and they will be responding within 7 - 14 days with access to my final bill and potentially account note access / phone logs if any are held.
    Originally I contacted BT PLC and was put through to their accounts department offshore.

    No one at that level could see anything wrong with my account, with one lady stating I just needed to pay an early cancellation fee of 60 and my debt could be removed / recalled.
    I did not take her word for it and asked to speak to a manager who stated this was not the case and apologised as well as lodged a complaint but stated he could not enter the account due to the age to offer an explanation. It wasn't until I reached out to BT via their forum that I was contacted by onshore mods who have come to the above resolution to my query.

    What can I do to dispute this debt?
    What rights do I have?

    I plan to pay the debt if it is genuinely owed and I have really made some kind of mistake or a payment has not been processed.
    Additional information that might have some relevance is that I moved out of the property towards the end of that contract with it being a student private rent and have not received any communication from BT / Lowell regarding this debt to the best of my knowledge and I do not know how they have found me at my current address to issue this threat letter.

    Attached are is a copy of the letter I received with personal info taken out.

    Any advice offered would be greatly appreciated.

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    Default Re: 4 year old debt with BT sold to Lowell

    Moved to telecoms
    One multipage odd please so we can zoom and rotate
    Read uploadicon

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    Default Re: 4 year old debt with BT sold to Lowell

    you have a pap letter
    read here
    use AND ADAPT the attachment in post 3

    stop phoning powerless DCAicon's
    they are NOT BAILIFFS
    and have
    ZERO legal powers.
    they will say anything to get you to pay.
    YOU DONT!!

    read from post 33 here

    use the attachments to answer the pap form and why you dispute the debt [unlawful termination charges till end of contract.

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    Do you record your calls?
    You'll regret it if you don't.

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    Default Re: 4 year old debt with BT sold to Lowell

    Hello dx100uk

    Is the broadband contract covered by the CCA or do I just need to use the rest of the reply in the mentioned thread when sending my response to their PAP?

    I will send this off in the morning and update with what happens next.

    I cannot figure out how to delete my original uploads but please find attached the PDFicon multi page requested.

    Thank you for your advice and reply.

    Attached Files Attached Files

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    Default Re: 4yrs old BT broadband debt sold to Lowell

    retitled and moved to broadband forum.
    pics removed too.

    theres no CCa for BB accounts no

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