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    Angry Issue with self storage company

    Hello all,

    I post in this place like once every 10 years because most things I can deal with myself, but thank God for this place because when i don't know what to do regarding some advice / legal advice, I know this is the place to come to.

    Anyway I am having an issue with a self storage company in London (one of the big ones). So basically I gave them 7 days notice to close today, and they said they have to charge me 15 because the 7 days 'crosses over' which is basically bull****, I know they're just trying to screw me for money. This is the first issue.

    The second issue is they sent me back an e-mail saying they 'require the unit to be cleared during office hours for the sake of thealarms on the units' which again is crap, because I was with this self storage company for 6 months and I could take my stuff in and out as I please 24/7, at midnight, outside office hours, weekend, whatever, it wasn't a problem. But now that I gave them 7 days notice to close, they're saying I can only take my stuff out Mon-Fri 9-5, otherwise I'll trigger the alarms. Which of course, if I do, they will promptly charge me like 30 adminicon fee or something. And bear in mind these 7 days (9th January - 16th January) I've already paid for last month, but they're imposing this new set of conditions.

    This really is a problem for me because I need to move my stuff out in the weekend, and of course they'll probably put the alarms on in my unit, which they shouldn't do, and then when I move it, it will ring, and they will say they can charge me for this.

    Is there some Ombudsmanicon that I can go to complain about this? Can I also tell my bank Barclays to block any payments taken out by that company? (They said the 15 they will charge me because of 'cross-over' will go out automatically'

    Thanks all in advance, and mods, if this is posted in the wrong sub-forum, kindly please tell me where to post it so I can get maximum exposure to this post.

    Thanks a lot all for reading.

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    Default Re: Issue with self storage company

    What do they mean by 7 days cross-over?
    Regarding access, if your contract is for 24 hours, they can't change that to office hours on your last week.
    I used to have units with one of the big ones and their billing system was not great.
    On one occasion an email to head office sorted it, so try yourself.
    Tell them that your contract gives you 24h access (of which I suppose you paid extra), so they can't change that at their will.
    Of course read your contract and find the exact wording to report to them.

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    Default Re: Issue with self storage company

    so monthly or similar rolling contract? If that is the case then they can charge you for the next period of your use goes beyond the normal rental notice period as you will have effectively agreed to continue by nor giving them notice befoe. You might haver got it wrong by a day but that would be enough. It will be in the contract somewhere so you need to read it carefully to make sure that they have got it wrong before you start a fight.

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