Just to add to all of this,

Any CCJ / Default that has dropped off your Credit report will be invisible to mortgageicon lenders, however you will need to disclose what you are paying them per month in your application.

In general the older a CCJ / default, the more choice of better (cheaper) mortgageicon products you will have. Normally a 25% deposit can get around even a 6 month old, unsatisfied CCJ, In my case I needed to wait until my newest CCJ was 2 years old because I could only afford a 15% deposit, my monthly mortgage payments are also a couple of hundred p/m more because I am on a higher interest rate.

In order to walk into a high street bank, low interest mortgage and put down a 5% deposit your newest CCJ would need to be 3 yrs old and satisfied. For some reason shared ownership properties are the same. Although 'Help to buy' is an excellent option if you can't afford a 25% deposit.

It's also worth mentioning that in my situation with a 15% deposit, the fact that my Defaults and CCJ's were unsatisfied made no difference. They only insisted that I pay off an old pay day loanicon (250 pounds).