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    Angry Stolen personal information by caversham finance ltd/Brighthouse

    HI, im new to this service so please bare with me.

    back in 2016 my partner signed upto brighthouse for a washer dryer combo,

    we paid 50 inital payment at the sign up and two payment of 30 a fornight there after.

    after a month had gone by and we still hadnt received the item in question we stopped paying.

    Shortly after this we had split and was going through courts for custody battle, so didn't have the time to chase this up

    In 2018 we got back together and decided to chase up the debt that brighthouse owes us,

    on febuary 22nd 2018 we spoke to a customer service agent who claimed to not be able to find my partner on their system.

    she then requested my details
    (in hindsight I wish id have never gave them)
    which I gave and was told they couldn't find me either which is no surprise.

    We waited until September of 2018 for a response, in which the woman who called and asked my partner for her personal information and ask for her permission to speak to me (which she gave)

    I was then told that the account was in my name not my partners (which should not be the case) the call lasted all of 2 mins from start to finish.

    after this call I rang in to discuss why the account was in my name and was told the exact opposite and that it was now in my partners name!

    I accused them of stealing my personal information and using it illegally and since then the account hasn't switched names again and it has stayed in my name

    they now claim not to have any information of my partners on their system ( despite having call recordings to prove this is a lie )

    I have made multiple data access requests for
    all the call logs,
    a copy of the original agreement taken out in 2016
    any and all information held in mine and my partners name

    all been ignored despite going about it legally and sending documents through e-mail
    (so I have a copy of all correspondence) and recorded delivery.

    The only aspect of which they addressed was the call recording and instead of giving me the full amount I requested I was given 3 from different points of my enquiry nothing more.

    I guess what im wanting to know is
    if there is anyone out there who has the same or similar experience with brighthouse

    if so have you any advice you could offer?

    oh I forgot to mention,
    according to brighthouse records
    I made 2 payments not 3 and the amounts don't come close to what I actually paid.

    they are stating I paid 23.10 and 10.78 which is BS as I never pay anything in pence I always pay up to the pound.

    Myself and my partner have both asked for her account information, and have been met with excuse after excuse and the claim that she doesn't have one despite being told otherwise on multiple occasions.


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    Firstly, please would you space and punctuate your posts properly because it makes it much easier to read and less likely to put off the very enthusiastic and knowledgeable people who might otherwise want to help you.

    A solid block of text on a screen is very difficult to read. I've done it for you.

    You say that there are recorded calls. Who recorded them? Are you referring to calls which you recorded or which were recorded by Brighthouse?

    Secondly, you say that they deny having any information about you. Have you got evidence that you do have an account or that your partner has an account with them? In other words do you have something solid to prove that they are wrong.

    How long ago did you send them the request for data? Presumably this was a Subject access requesticon made under the data protection act

    Also, how did you make the payments to them? Do you have evidence that you made the payments?

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    Default Re: Stolen personal information by caversham finance ltd/Brighthouse

    If you actually ever get the product??

    Go buy things when you can afford them

    Don't use them and 3x the retail value...


    - - - Updated - - -

    Moved to the bh forum post spaced for you

    it makes a thread twice as long to scroll data download times and costs
    If you want advice please PM me a link to your thread. PM advice is not allowed!!
    RIP Martin3030


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