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    Default WDA - irresponsible lending

    I had a roll over loan with WDA
    29/11/2010 Amount 200 (actual amount 185 charged 15 for direct payment) Repay 250
    20/12/2010 250 Repay 312.5
    Jan 2011 Can not find details.
    28/02/2011 350 Repay 437.5

    After reading another forum (sorry) that’s associated to the guy on TV (He spoke about reclaiming), I went through Resolver for an IR claim.

    I had multiple loans (Pay Day Express, MyJar, LendingStream, CFO, CashChoice, MrLender, Speede) so I was using one to pay the other etc – got myself into a right mess

    With WDA – I tried multiple times to contact them to arrange payment plan but emails got ignored – they passed it to two agencies – latter being MMF.

    Well – had my final responseicon today on the Resolver site:

    I write further to my last update to advise we are now in a position to provide a final responseicon to you about your complaint.
    Thank you for taking the time to share your concerns.
    I would like to assure you that we take all issues raised in relation to your case very seriously and having reviewed your case I now set out my conclusions below.


    Complaint details:
    You have raised a complaint because, in summary, you believe that Wage Day Advance should never have lent to you based on your circumstances at the time you took your loans as these were unaffordable and as such, we lent irresponsibly.
    Your lending history with Wage Day Advance:
    Please find a summary of your loans at Appendix A.
    ((Nothing attached as it’s via Resolver website..))

    Having reviewed our records, we note that all your loans were granted over six years ago and are considered as being time barredicon.

    As an online lender, we believe we provided ample information in relation to the loan application and income and expenditure process, along with information on how to contact us if you were experiencing difficulties and how to make a complaint.

    In addition to this, there has been a high level of media coverage relating to payday loansicon since 2013 and, therefore, we believe it is fair to conclude that you should have reasonably been aware you had the opportunity to raise a complaint sooner.

    Having reviewed your complaint we do not believe that there is evidence of exceptional circumstances that prevented you from bringing this to our attention within the relevant time frame and therefore will not consider whether any redress would be due in respect of the above points.

    If you have any additional information you believe we should consider that may change our decision, and can confirm why, in view of the media focus and reporting on the payday lending sector since 2013, you believe you were unaware of the issues and your option to raise a complaint at that time, please feel free to provide this for our consideration.


    Due to non-payment on your final loan, the account was sold to Lantern (formerly known as Motor Mile Finance Ltd) and they are now the legal owners of the debt.

    As we have completed our investigation into your complaint, we have instructed Lantern that normal collections activity may resume.

    We hope the reasoning and decisions set out in this letter resolves the complaint to your satisfaction.
    Please note that this is our final decision based on the information you have provided and what we hold on our records.

    Whilst writing to you, I must let you know that you have the right to refer your complaint to the Financial Ombudsmanicon Service, free of charge.
    If you do decide to refer your complaint to the Ombudsman you must do so within six months of the date of this letter.

    The Ombudsman might not be able to consider your complaint if:

    • What you’re complaining about happened more than six years ago, and
    • You’re complaining more than three years after you realised (or should have realised) that there was a problem.

    We think that your complaint was made outside of these time limits and because of this the Ombudsman does not have our permission to consider your complaint. It is feasible that the Ombudsman may disagree with our view and decide to review it however, they will only be able to do so in very limited and exceptional circumstances.

    I have enclosed with this letter a copy of the Financial Ombudsman Service standard leaflet. More information can also be found on their website, If you have received this letter by email, I am unable to enclose the Financial Ombudsman Service standard leaflet, however this can be found at:

    ((Nothing attached as it’s via Resolver website..))

    Thank you for taking the time to contact us and for allowing me to carry out a full investigation.
    Yours sincerely
    Adrienn Szollosi

    Now they have said that they’ve now told MMF to come after me again – this dropped off Credit File as it was 6yrs

    As you can see they even stating that I cant go to FOS and they don’t give permission.
    Is this correct? I’ve read different posts say I can not and some say that the FOS will take intrest into the likes of WDA for 6+yrs…

    Can anyone offer some advice, point me in the right direction.



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    Default Re: WDA - irresponsible lending

    shame on you
    we have our own reclaiming guide..

    stop using resolver!!


    its when you realised not their silly time limits.

    when was you last payment too?

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    Default Re: WDA - irresponsible lending

    My last payment to WDA was 28 Feb 2011 same day I took out the last loan.
    Last token payment to MMF was 2016 cos I thought oh well it drops off report soon.

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    Default Re: WDA - irresponsible lending

    Why were you blindly paying mmf without checking?

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    Default Re: WDA - irresponsible lending

    Quote Originally Posted by dx100uk View Post
    Why were you blindly paying mmf without checking?
    I was foolish.
    Thought it was right thing to do at the time.
    Then learnt more about DCAs having not much power..

    Guess you learn by your mistakes

    I should still be able to.go after wDA via the fosicon, shouldn't I?

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