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Patricia Pearl - Small Claims Procedure - A Practical Guide

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    Default End of Probation meeting

    Hi all, question for the HR experts...

    I've ended my probation period with a large, benevolent organisation - the manager has sent me a formal invitation to a Performance Review meeting, in which he's explicitly stated that "Failure to meet company standards could result in termination.." etc, as well as reeling off a list of concerns. He also gave a couple of weeks notice of the meeting. So from an HR perspective he followed the Perf Review template exactly.

    Now, I've had a search around and haven't found any instances of people having formal invitations, AND HR were present, AND not being terminated. The letter makes no mention of performance improvements/plans etc. I've done nothing that you could call gross misconduct (or any misconduct), and oddly enough, I've fulfilled all bar one of my probation objectives (and the one I didn't, I've not had opportunity to).

    Two questions:

    1) As HR will be there, and he's fulfilled all the legal/best practices for a termination,
    are such meetings typically just a formality for termination?

    2) Probation objectives - this is confusing me, as I said above I fulfilled nearly all of them. Typically wouldn't most large organisations, in the above circumstances, simply extend the probation period with a demand the employee address and rectify the concerns raised?

    Thanks all !

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    Default Re: End of Probation meeting

    1. I've never had HR there whether retaining or dismissing

    2. I never extend except for eg bereavementicon or other unusual circumstances - the goals are set such as they can be met during probation so no point drawing it out

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    Default Re: End of Probation meeting

    You say you have ended the probationary period? What has been put in writing in relation to this and the Review meeting?

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    Default Re: End of Probation meeting

    I dont think that the presence or absence of HR gives anything away but you say manager reeled off a list of concerns and unless they are of the " are you sure what you have learnt is useful for your career here" type prompts to have some answers ready for the interview this is more worrying for your future as it points towards what may be viewed as competency issues.
    Dont takethis wrong, I'm not saying you arent up to doing the job but rather they may be worried about particular aspects of legal obligations they have to others and so may have to make choices on their predictions of how things will be in the future and so intend to dig a bit deeper into waht you have achieved so far.

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