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Thread: Tax Demand

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    Default Tax Demand

    Received a tax demand today to the value of 400 on a PA302 simple assessment form. Came as a shock as i was on JSA and PAYE for the period 2017-2018

    They have me down employed with two companies that i know nothing about. One is called DHMERYA LTD and according to HMRC had an income of 115.00.
    The second company called Paraplus LTD an umbrella company with an income of 1141.00.

    Dealing with HMRC over the phone is like pulling teeth. Over an hour. They will not answer any questions and keep saying I have too contact these companies direct. How can i when i do not even have a clue who they are?

    These call centre staff cannot blame them but anything off the script they do not have a clue.

    They have given me until January to pay and will not even put this issue into dispute so no doubt the automated collection activity will continue

    Any advice peeps??

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    Dhmerya Ltd is a dissolved company so you wont be able to contact them
    Paraplus are easily contactable and they should be able to enlighten you on what they have told HMRC is could be mistaken identity

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    Default Re: Tax Demand

    goto the HMRC website and fill out their free SARicon

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    I had my personal details used by an illegal immigrant working for a company via a crooked employment agency some years back. Fortunately they couldnt spell properly so it all went pear shaped

    I suspect that you might be in the same boat so check with the credit reference agencies to see if anyone has doen a name and address check on you in the last year or so. If it isnt your insurance co then it may be suspect.

    also you could do a SARicon to the latter company as it is your data even if being dishonestly used by others. May get you the evidence that you need to shove this up HMRC's computer


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