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Thread: Not being paid

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    Default Not being paid

    Hi wondering if anyone can offer some valuable advice,

    My partner workplace ( a very large company) has not been paying him, he has been working there for 2 years now and sometime he would go up to 4months without a pay.

    When he approaches the managers and payroll department they keep informing him that they are sorting it out and nothing, sometimes they will say his been paid and when he checks his bank account his pay would be £200 for a whole 2 months which doesnít equate to the hours he has worked.

    He has had severely issues with this company to say the least, once he was suspended and when he appealed the case to someone higher they found that the ruling was wrong and apologies to him.

    A lot of there workers are not being paid promptly or if they do eventually pay them it way below it expected pay and he gets taxed double ! Also he has taken out quite a lot of loan to keep up with his expense and now itís getting to much emotionally and financially

    Can anyone offer some sound advice on how to pursue this case ?

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    Default Re: Not being paid

    Would you mind sending an email to our adminicon email address so that you can tell me in confidenceicon the name of the employer. I think it would be wise not to put it up on the open forum at the moment.

    Would any of the other people affected be prepared to make a complaint about this?

    Is your partner interested in staying in the job or would you prefer to leave? It seems to me that what you are telling us here would be good grounds for a constructive dismissal which would mean that it was so intolerable for him to stay there that he was effectively being forced to leave – in other words unfairly dismissed despite the fact that it would be his choice. This would entitle him then to bring an action for unfair dismissal before the industrial tribunal.

    However this would mean that he would have to leave his job and start looking around for an alternative pretty quickly


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    Default Re: Not being paid

    Can you provide me the adminicon email address ?

    Honestly I donít think others are prepared to make a complaint about this ( as in legally ) because they are scared because this is a huge company.

    No his not interested in staying in the job. Please can you provide me more information about constructive dismissal

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    Default Re: Not being paid

    My wife's payroll used to do that.
    When I intervened they stopped immediately and have been paying her pronto for almost a year now.
    As soon as pay day arrives and your husband doesn't get paid the correct amount, he needs to write to hr immediately and give them 7 days to pay arguing financial hardship (keep bank account empty).
    At day 8 he needs to submit a recorded delivery letter before actionicon to registered head office giving further 7 days.
    Day 8 you submit a mcol and a grievance.
    They'll pay your husband immediately plus court fee.
    Then don't withdraw the grievance, let them waste time and money and ask the name of the person responsible for the missed payment.
    They won't tell you but you will be taken off the list of sheep to be targeted.

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    Default Re: Not being paid

    If you hover your mouse over the adminicon link in your post you will see it

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    Default Re: Not being paid

    @bankflolded I have sent an email.

    @king12345 I do like this approach although we have sent several letter and my partner and his colleagues has had several meetings with the managers and someone whom apparently is of some significance in the company but nothing has changed.

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    Default Re: Not being paid

    Do not pussy foot with companies like them.While you let them do this they will continue.Do as what @king12345 suggest its the only thing they understand Show them that you intend to fight back

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    Default Re: Not being paid

    Not being paid tends to amount to Constructive Dismissal.

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